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HIGH/5 Roof Access Program

Step by step roof access and fall protection checklist

When performing a safe access and/or fall protection audit on your facility, it can seem like an overwhelmingly complex task. That’s why we here at FIXFAST USA have developed the HIGH/5 Program. This simple, five step system allows you to quickly and easily determine where the hazards are. This checklistĀ ensures access methods, access points, typical roof hazards and leading edges are analyzed in a systematic manner.

Read more about the HIGH/5 Program below. For a copy of our program that you can download and use for your own facility, or, if you’re a contractor or fall safety specialist who wants to use this when doing a roof walk for one of your clients, click the button at the bottom to download your copy!

Roof Access

How is the roof accessed?

-Exterior fixed ladder

-Roof hatch

-Portable ladder

-Exterior stair system

-EWP (elevated working platform)

Is fall protection required on the access method? Are access points secure? Could unauthorized persons access the roof?

Roof Access Fall Hazards

When accessing the roof, are employees exposed to a fall
hazard of 4 ft. or more? If yes, here are some solutions:

-Guardrail around the stair or
fixed ladder access point with a
self-closing gate
-Roof hatch guardrail system
-Portable ladder support bracket
with guardrails

Designated Walkway Routes

Is there a designated route for employees to get where they need to go?

-Leading edges
-Skylights, pits, smoke vents, or openings
-Elevation changes

-Walkway system
-Guardrail system combined with guardrail
-Permanent warning line system

Equipment Near Fall Hazard

Is there equipment that requires maintenance located near a fall hazard that could expose employees to the fall hazard?

-Roof guardrail systems
-Warning line system (only if the task is performed
temporarily or infrequently)
-Fall restraint system
-Fall arrest anchors or lifeline

Leading Edges

Leading edges always pose a serious risk to employees. Every application is different and could present new hazards.

-Sloped roofs with slippery surfaces
-Trip hazards

-Roof guardrail systems
-Warning line system (only if the task is performed
temporarily or infrequently)
-Fall restraint system
-Fall arrest anchors or lifeline

There are many advantages to providing fall protection and safe access systems:
-Showing you care has a direct, positive impact on behavior in the workplace
-Insurance deductions
-Ongoing cost savings when using contractors
-Reduce damage to roof substrates, copings, and gutters
-Ensures you are meeting your obligations and compliance in providing a safe working environment
-Protects the business from potential lawsuits and other legal implications

If you are a roofing contractor or a fall protection specialist who is working on a roof quote, send us an email! Often times, we can assist with as little as a project reference, address, and a quick chat with you to make sure you get an accurate quote. Click theĀ  Contact Us button below to reach out! We look forward to working with you.