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Production Engineer

Purpose of the Job

Oversee and improve production processes within the company to optimize all areas for maximum efficiency.

Reports To

Operations Manager

Skills/Attributes Required

Demonstrable experience of leading an Engineering function with a proven track record in delivering effective engineering strategies, polices, processes and systems. Excellent communication, interpersonal and influencing skills. Exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities. Results oriented with ability to plan and deliver against project deadlines. Technical mindset. An appreciation of and an ability to resolve issues arising from different cultures. Knowledge and technical understanding of manufacturing processes, components and design techniques.

Education/Experience Required

Bachelor’s Degree in engineering; master’s preferred. Familiarity with CAD software (preferably Autodesk Inventor). 2+ years proven experience in production/industrial engineering; managerial experience a plus. Detail-oriented and extremely efficient. Proficiency using Microsoft Suite (Excel, Access). Possess a wide breadth of knowledge in mathematics, physics and mechanics.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Assess and analyze current production and order workflow methods
  2. Develop and implement an improved order and production workflow process
  3. Plan, manage, and oversee all elements of the workflow and production in our facility
  4. Manage production equipment and implement maintenance program
  5. Develop and implement quality control measures that effectively monitor products and guarantee desired results
  6. Develop and improve production and technical drawings to support the product process and marketing department
  7. Assist the marketing team in developing technical documentation to improve the installation resource library
  8. Develop project specific install documentation as required to ensure our costumers re supported in the field
  9. Assist the company with the development of systems and processes to maximize efficiencies as necessary
  10. Diagnose origin of process weaknesses and implement solutions of continuous improvement

Performance Objectives

To fulfill the Fixfast team’s promises in providing maximum reliability with minimum fuss to our customers.

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