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A Case Study in Providing Safe Working Environments for Data Center Preventive Maintenance with KATTSAFE’s KOMBI Modular Stair & Platform Systems


Data Centers


The importance of data centers

Data centers are critical infrastructures that house complex networks and systems that are essential to businesses and organizations. Preventive maintenance is key to ensuring the reliability and availability of these systems, but it often involves working at height, which poses significant safety risks. The cost of data center downtime can be staggering, with an average cost of $5,600 per minute and an average cost of $505,500 per single downtime event. The leading and most costly root causes of downtime are related to vulnerabilities in power and cooling infrastructures, with 15% being attributed to thermal issues, including water incursion and IT equipment failures relating to heat density and cooling capacity. The operational costs for detecting and recovering from these failures were on average $489,000 per incident.

Why fall protection is needed

One of the key best practices to address the leading root causes of downtime is to fortify cooling and IT equipment investment with regular preventive maintenance and service visits. This includes providing a safe working environment for staff and third parties accessing HVAC equipment or other equipment at height in the facility. By mandating frequent preventive maintenance and service visits, there will be a growing need for safe access and fall protection measures such as KATTSAFE’s KOMBI modular stair and platform systems.

Safety Excellence & Operational Investment Optimization

ROI on Total Optimization Investment can be achieved several times over when considering the potential total downtime costs. Bundling safe access and fall protection products into the CAPEX/OPEX Total Optimization Investment Strategy can further add to ROI when now compared to not only downtime costs but also costs of fines/lawsuits due to an unaddressed fall hazard or a case of a fall from height. KATTSAFE’s KOMBI modular stair and platform systems provide a reliable solution that meets the industry’s safety standards and requirements, contributing significantly to the company’s efforts to provide safe working environments for staff and third parties. The success of this project is a testament to the importance of working with experts in the field to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel working at height in the data center industry.

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