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Roof Access and Fall Protection Systems

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OSHA-Compliant Fall Protection

FIXFAST USA provides fixed ladder, guardrail, roof hatch, walkway, anchor point, lifeline, and modular access systems to safely access and navigate the walking-working surface.

Multiple fall hazards can be found on every rooftop. Typical fall hazards found on the roof are leading edges, roof hatches, and skylights, however many other hazards exist.

Our goal is to ensure all workers at height return home safely. This means providing options to resolve fall hazards and access issues.

Unfortunately, statistics relating to fall injuries don’t lie and gravity never takes a break. With over 600 fatal falls in the USA in 2015 alone, there is a particular emphasis on ensuring elevated areas are safer to access and those working at heights are provided the safety they deserve. Talk to a fall protection specialist now!

5 Types of Industrial Roof Safety Systems

FIXFAST USA has five primary types of safety systems to protect your workforce. Our team places high value on premium solutions that meet the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


 KATTCLIMB® provides user safety, comfort and support through a high-tensile, lightweight construction. These ladder safety systems feature non-corrosive aluminum with better warranties than most steel products. We have a wide selection, from simple exterior access ladders to specialized solutions for compact spaces.

The KATTCLIMB® line of industrial safety systems features options including:


KATTGUARD™ Aluminum Roof Guardrail Systems provide low maintenance passive and continuous fall protection, including toe-boards for consistent protection.

We offer a comprehensive selection of guardrail fall protection systems, including:

  • Guardrail systems:  KATTGUARD™ aluminum guardrail systems provide flexible options to protect workers from falls with internal wall mount guardrails, metal roof mount guardrail systems and more.
  • Warning line systems: Bright yellow posts continuously warn low-traffic areas with potential fall hazards. You can combine this low-cost solution with KATTGUARD™ guardrails for complete rooftop compliance protection.
  • Roof hatch guardrail systemsKATTHATCH™ and KATTGUARD™ provide convenient rooftop access with added fall protection while entering the rooftop area.


The KATTWALK™ line of modular aluminum and flexible walkway systems provides no-weld designs with convenient customization. The lightweight, high-strength aluminum is easy to deliver and assemble with OSHA-compliant protection.

KATTWALK™ aluminum walkway systems provide safe, designated access around the rooftop. The KATTWALK™ systems work seamlessly with the KATTGUAD™ roof guardrail to provide safe access solutions on both metal and membrane roof systems.

Our DukMat™ flexible walkways provide a high-grip surface to support workers and prevent falls. We build all DukMat™ walkways to withstand the sun’s UV rays and inclement weather, including winds up to 60 miles per hour.


The KOMBI® line of modular access systems uses the same lightweight aluminum and no-weld design as the KATTWALK™ systems. Our collection contains a few different options that implement well into any fall protection system.

The KOMBI® family of modular access systems includes:


KATTCONNECT™ will offer OSHA-compliant lifeline and anchor point systems to increase the safety of rooftop workers.

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FIXFAST USA has a wide range of safety products designed to fit your project needs, maintain compliance and provide peace of mind for your workforce.

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