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Guardrail Systems

Ensure safe access across rooftops, platforms and other elevated areas with sturdy guardrail systems from FIXFAST USA


Ensure safe access across rooftops, platforms and other elevated areas with sturdy guardrail systems from FIXFAST USA. Our quality line of guardrail will keep you in compliance with OSHA standards as applicable, and equip your team with solid footing and fall protection.

KATTSAFE Guardrail Systems

KATTSAFE GW32 GW34 Guardrails

STACCO Guardrail Systems

STACCO Industrial Safety Railing

ZERO Industrial Guardrail

STACCO Industrial Safety Railing

Guardrail System Options

We provide a wide range of guardrail systems to accommodate various roof types and applications.

We manufacture and supply guardrails to suit internal side mount, external side mount and top mount applications, as well as weighted, free standing systems that are completely non-penetrating.

Available in aluminum or steel, our guardrail systems provide a solution for any application.

KATTSAFE Guardrails

Our KATTSAFE aluminum guardrail systems are designed for enhanced aesthetics, low maintenance, superior warranty and the ability to customize on-site.


KATTSAFE GW31 Aluminum Guardrail System
Designed to suit multiple applications, this series can be mounted on the outside of a wall, the inside of a parapet, or top mounted to a mezzanine, concrete floor or parapet. Available in custom colors.

Made of high-quality tensile aluminum, these guardrails are low maintenance with outstanding corrosion resistance. Held in stock and are ready to ship.

KATTSAFE GW32 Aluminum Guardrail System
Designed for profiled metal deck applications, the KATTSAFE GW32 aluminum guardrail also provides flexibility in installation with two different type of mounting applications.

Option for fastening the guardrail to a metal deck with self-sealing rivets or with non-penetrating clamps. Also available in custom colors.

KATTSAFE GW34 Aluminum, Non-Penetrating Guardrail System
This system provides the highest level of safety for maintenance personnel when working at heights and other fall risk areas. A high-quality mill finish aluminum means the railing fits in with the aesthetics of your building.

Features a galvanized steel weighted base and is completely non-penetrating to your roofing membrane.

STACCO Guardrails

STACCO Non-Penetrating Weighted Guardrail System
Supplied in kit form with steel rail lengths from 3′ to 10′. Each kit includes a weighted base (no need for drilling), rail section, and locking pins. Can meet temporary and permanent needs. OSHA compliant where applicable.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.