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Anchor Points

Anchor Points: We’ve Got Workers Pinned Down

While every anchor system does the same thing – arrest a fall – we have a selection of systems that will meet any construction application. You can always have exactly the right tool for the job.

3Sixty Anchor

KATT 3Sixty Anchor Point

What loads should Fall Arrest Anchors meet?

Anchors being used for fall protection purposes should be engineered to meet twice the potential load that could be applied in the event of a fall.  Many anchor points are designed, tested and engineered to meet a load of 3600 lbs.  The permitted maximum arresting force (MAF) is 1800 lbs as per OSHA and ANSI. 3600 lbs is the minimum required anchor breaking strength for certified and engineered anchor points.  This is twice the MAF of 1800 lbs.

Non certified fall arrest anchor points must meet a 5000 lbs load.

Anchor Systems

Our selection of anchor systems include:

3 Sixty Anchor – is for profiled metal and standing seam roof systems. It is ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at heights utilizing a harness and lanyard fall protection system.

For more information about our full fall arrest systems, please visit our products page.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.