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Anchor Points

Anchor Points: We’ve Got Workers Pinned Down

While every anchor system does the same thing – arrest a fall – we have a selection of systems that will meet any construction application. You can always have exactly the right tool for the job.

FX Commercial Roof Anchor

FX Commercial Anchor Point

KATT 3Sixty Anchor

KATT 3Sixty Anchor Point

XTS Globe Anchor

Globe Anchor Point

Tensile Strength

According to OSHA, anchorage systems have different tolerances based on the jobs they are designed to do – generally twice the tensile strength needed. Tensile strength is a scientific term designed to describe how strong a fabric is.  It measures for the resistance that a fabric has to pressures that cause its fibers to elongate.

For an anchor designed for fall arrest, 5,000 pounds of static strength are needed to adequately perform.  For anchors developed for work position, only 3,000 pounds of static strength are needed. For restraint and travel restrictions 1,000 pounds are required.  However, for rescue systems, 3,000 pounds are needed, roughly five times the tensile strength needed.

Anchor Systems

Our selection of anchor systems include:

KATT 3 Sixty Anchor – is for profiled metal and standing seam roof systems. It is ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at heights utilizing a harness and lanyard fall protection system.

XTS Globe Anchor – Particularly suited for membrane and built-up roof systems. This anchor point can be mounted directly on top of the existing roof membrane and can be fastened four to five times as fast as with conventional anchorage points.

FX Commercial Anchor ­– Particularly suited for membrane and built-up roof systems. This anchor is for a single user on a low-slope roof application (4/12 pitch or less).

For more information about our full fall arrest systems, please visit our products page.

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