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Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Roof mounted fall arrest horizontal cable systems for leading edge protection



If your workers operate on a horizontal plane like a rooftop, with few places to put traditional anchors or a passive system, then a horizontal lifeline system can help keep them safe.

Our systems are low maintenance, cost effective, patented and certified to the latest OSHA and ANSI standards where applicable. Horizontal lifelines are made with high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and easily installed.

XS Horizontal Lifeline System

XTS Linked

KATT TRAVEL8 Lifeline System

SL1 Surface Mount

Horizontal Lifeline Systems To Suit A Wide Range Of Applications

Our Lifeline Systems can work on concrete, steel decking, wooden structures, standing seam roof panels, and more. If you can’t find exactly the right system for your site, we can custom design systems just for you. We will do site surveys, design your system, and help you with installation and training of your staff.

Choose from two systems:

The XS Horizontal Lifeline System – The XS Horizontal Lifeline System allows easy horizontal movement with a minimum of anchorage points. It is primarily designed for built-up and membrane roof types.

The user is connected to the system with the XTS Slider Runner, which is easily attached and operates smoothly through all brackets and corners.

The XS anchors are connected to the roof deck by either a toggle anchor or mechanical anchor, causing minimal damage to the roofing. In the event of a fall, the energy is absorbed by the integrated shock absorber. (For more information, watch the video and download the PDF product sheet on our Product Page)

TRAVEL8 Lifeline System – This system is suitable for multiple users but primarily designed for metal and standing seam roof types. It provides continuous attachment and effective fall protection across roof surfaces, and can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications using the required system traveler.

Installation is simple, with modular components that adapt to your usage needs. (More information is available on our video, or download the PDF product sheet on our Product Page.)

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.