KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket

KATTDOCK from FIXFAST USA on a fixed ladder system

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Brackets are designed to provide a secure attachment point for portable ladders when accessing a roof. The support bracket prevents the movement of a portable ladder in any direction. There is a clear, designated, safe roof access area with the ladder support bracket fastened to the wall. 


  • Simple installation using standard fixings
  • Prevents sideways movement and ladder base slip
  • High strength stainless steel construction
  • Low aesthetic profile, minimal visual impact
  • Wall mount, gutter mount, and parapet mount available
  • Ladder support bracket tie off cable included
a graphic of an LD401 Wall Parapet from FIXFAST USA

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket KD401.

Wall/Parapet Mount Configuration

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket KD402.

Roof/Gutter Mount Configuration

graphic of an LD402 ladder support bracket from FIXFAST USA
KATTDOCK with a Landing Access Platform from FIXFAST USA

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket KD001.

Ladder Access Landing Platform w/ Gate