KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System.

man climbing a ladder with a fall arrest system on
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Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Systems with KATTCLIMB®

what a FIXFAST USA fall arrest system looks like on a ladder

Safe access to platforms and rooftops depends on the quality and durability of the ladders, along with the ladder personal fall arrest system in place. Where application heights exceed 24 feet, a form of fall protection is required. Our fall arrest systems are compliant with osha fall arrest system requirements.

Our KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System provides continuous, hands-free fall protection. This system can be easily installed on KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders and can also be retro-fitted to most existing fixed ladders.

Do you have questions about our KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System? Contact us or visit our FAQ page!

Kit Includes:

  • Stainless steel cable (to suit height required)
  • Ladder mounting bracket system
  • Tensioner device
  • Termination device
  • Cable guides (for heights over 26 ft.)

Additional Not Includes, But Required:

  • Traveler Device
  • Full Body Harness with Front D-Ring