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Complete the most laps around the KATTSAFE 500 and win an Indy 500 Race-Weekend Package

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The KATTSAFE 500 is an annual sales competition hosted by KATTSAFE, a Brand of FIXFAST USA. Being an Indianapolis-based company, we get to witness firsthand the spirit of the Month of May and the Indianapolis 500. We aim to offer the same spirit and opportunity to our customers with the KATTSAFE 500 Sales Competition. 

The goal of the competition is to purchase as many cumulative linear feet of our KATTGUARD™ Roof Guardrail Systems as you can during the months of March and April.  At the end of the competition, the office that completed the most laps around the KATTSAFE 500 Speedway wins a race-weekend package to the Indianapolis 500 on May 28th, 2023! 

One lap around the KATTSAFE 500 Speedway is 2,500 linear feet. You must complete a minimum of one lap to be eligible to win the KATTSAFE 500. Laps are calculated as a combination of all purchase orders placed with KATTGAURD™ systems during the competition window. For full competition terms and conditions see the bottom of this page or read our program guide. 

A race-weekend package includes 4 race-day tickets to the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday May 28th, 2023, travel costs to and from Indianapolis, and hotel costs for race-weekend. For full competition terms and conditions see the bottom of this page or read our program guide.

Competition Timing

Race Over!

Terms and Conditions. This competition is valid for any KATTGUARD™ GR31, GR32, GR33, GR34, GR35 and GR36 Guardrail System purchase order placed between March 1, 2023 7:00 am EST to April 30, 2023 4:30 pm EST and is at FIXFAST USA sole discretion. A minimum of 2,500 linear feet must be purchased within the given time frame to be eligible to receive the competition prize. Should the minimum requirement of 2,500 linear feet purchased not be reached by any account or office location, then no prize shall be awarded. Limit of (1) Indy 500 Race-Weekend Package awarded to the winning office. (1) Race-Weekend Package includes: (4) Indy 500 Race-Day Tickets, (4) Airline Vouchers worth up to $800 each, and (4) Hotel Vouchers worth up to $800 each. Indy 500 Race-Weekend Package will be delivered within (15) business days from the end of the competition. FIXFAST USA reserves the right to supply an alternative gift should the Indy 500 Race-Weekend Package become unavailable. The Indy 500 Race-Weekend Package and its contents are non-refundable and there is no cash alternative.

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