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KBR1200 Ramp System

Looking for reliable rooftop ramps that will guarantee safe and easy access to personnel and equipment? Our brand new KBR1200 Ramp System is here to provide exactly that. Made of high-strength aluminum with a non-penetrating base design, our rooftop ramps ensure maximum safety and minimums fuss during installation and use. With three different configurations to clear heights of up to 36 inches, our rooftop ramps will guarantee the highest level of safe access for your specific needs.

Easy and Safe Access

The KBR1200 Ramp System is specifically designed to ensure the highest level of safe and easy access. Made from lightweight yet high-strength aluminum, it meets the load requirements to support both people and mobile equipment.

Key Benefits: OSHA and ANSI Compliant Made in the USA In stock and ready to ship in 1-3 business days Lightweight, high-strength, aluminum manufacturing Pre-engineered design Highest level of safe and easy access Market leading 5-year warranty

KBR1200 Ramp System Configurations

All KBR1200 Ramp Systems are 4ft wide as standard. Each kit suits various clear heights. A custom ramp will be required for any clear height needed beyond the applications that the below kits meet.

KBR1200.12 – 4ft wide ramp to clear heights up to 12in.

KBR1200.24 – 4ft wide ramp to clear heights up to 24in.

KBR1200.36 – 4ft wide ramp to clear heights up to 36in.

Versatile Configurations

With three available configurations, the KBR1200 Ramp System can easily accommodate different clearance heights. Whether you need to clear heights of 12 inches, 24 inches, or even 36 inches, we have got you covered.

Non-penetrating Base Design

One of the key features of the KBR1200 Ramp System is its non-penetrating base design. This means that during installation, there is no need to penetrate the rooftop, ensuring its integrity and preventing any potential damage. Other mounting options are available as needed.

Upgrade your rooftop access solutions with the KBR1200 Ramp System today. Experience lightweight and secure access that is customizable and OSHA compliant. Order now to enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a reliable ramp system.

KBR1200 Ramp System Key Features

OSHA and ANSI Compliant

Made in the USA

In stock and ready to ship in 1-3 business days

Lightweight, high-tensile strength, aluminum manufacturing

Pre-engineered design

Highest level of safe and easy access

Market leading 5-year warranty

KBR1200 Ramp Systems. Upgrade your rooftop access solutions.

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