Safety in the Month of May

start of the 2015 Indy500 race

Going Fast, but Doing it Safely

The month of May is host to the greatest spectacle in racing. At first glance, the NTT IndyCar Series and FIXFAST USA might not have much in common, but we do have one major thing in common. Safety. Safety is the focus whether you’re a worker on a roof or a driver in an IndyCar.

Innovative Safety

IndyCar has implemented a new cockpit safety measure called the “Advanced Frontal Protection” device, AFP for short. The Dallara-built device is made of titanium and is fixed along the center-line of the cockpit. It is designed to deflect oncoming debris away from the driver’s head.

IndyCar president Jay Frye says, “Safety is a never-ending pursuit,” which we couldn’t agree more. Making the rooftop safe isn’t going to happen overnight, but there are things we can all do day by day to inch it closer to the finish line.

Safety is a never-ending pursuit.

KATTGUARD is one of our newer innovative products. The KATTGUARD Roof Hatch Guardrail System installs in minutes with basic tools. It introduces an innovative clamping system which eliminates the need to drill holes into the hatch or roof surface that would jeopardize the roof warranty. Customers say that KATTGUARD is “the best roof hatch guardrail system in the market.”

Rooftop Safety is a Race

In one way or another, rooftop safety is a race. If you don’t prepare for it then the result isn’t going to be celebration of a win. It’s going to result in fines, injuries and reputations destroyed. Unfortunately, the risk of more fatal happenings exists as well. We want to help you prepare for safety. Download our guides on becoming OSHA compliant and the the facts behind falls from height or get in contact with us.

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