Wider Ladder Rungs Safer, More Comfortable

katt-wide-rung-ladder-picWide ladder rungs offer important benefits to workers, specifically greater safety and increased comfort.

Greater Safety

Wide ladder rungs make any extension or single ladder a safer, more stable platform from which to work. With more stability, the ladder is less likely to tip under normal use.

Workers are far less likely to fall when working on a wider platform than when working on a regular ladder rung. The wide surface also gives workers a better grip and provides a larger work area to move on and to accommodate tools.

Increased Comfort

The other key advantage a wider ladder rung provides is that it creates a much more comfortable platform to work from. This is extremely helpful for contractors and workers who spend the majority of their day standing on ladders.

The expanded width of the foot support while standing on a ladder significantly reduces fatigue in your feet. As a result, you are able to complete most jobs more safely and quickly. Being able to perform more and better quality work with less strain and fatigue on your feet and back is a tremendous benefit.

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