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KOMBI® Stairs, Ship Ladders & Bridges

Designed to provide improved access to high areas along with a maximum level of safety.


FIXFAST USA offers a variety stair systems, ramps, bridges, and platforms designed to provide improved access to high areas along with a maximum level of safety.

KOMBI is an engineered, no weld, modular stair and platform system. Designed for easy customization, on-site assembly and with re-usable components, KOMBI saves design costs and reduces delivery lead times.

KOMBI Modular Stair Access System

KOMBI Modular Stair Access Systems provide safe and easy access to varying height applications including service platforms, roof decks and other maintenance areas where frequent access is required by personnel.

KOMBI stairs are fully modular and suitable for heights up to 20ft. The adjustable stair treads allows flexibility of stair height and stair pitch to suit specific installation parameters. KOMBI stairs are designed to be self supporting where required.

KOMBI Modular Stair Access System

Our KOMBI modular aluminum stair access systems ensure secure access roof decks, service platforms and other maintenance areas. The modular design allows simple site assembly.

The series’ complementary products — hand rails and knee rails — also provide extra stability and protection. The lightweight high tensile aluminum is weather-resistant and sturdy.

Specific KOMBI features include:

  • Purpose-built to suit required application
  • Lightweight sturdy aluminum construction
  • Highest level of safe and easy access
  • Modular design for easy delivery, site assembly
  • There is ability to customize these on-site if required.
  • OSHA compliance


Stair Systems

Step Bridges

Ship Ladders


Our proprietary KOMBI STEPS feature sturdy modular aluminum steps in various sizes and configurations to provide users easier access over obstacles.


With KOMBI modular stair bridge and step bridge systems, users can safely and easily gain access over obstructions, including pipes, joints, ducts and expansion joints on rooftops and other areas.

We provide an extra level of security and stability by incorporating guardrails in KOMBI crossovers.

These systems, which are offered in a variety of widths to accommodate different specifications, are non-penetrating to resist damage to membrane-covered roofs.


KOMBI ramps are designed to meet various specifications, including access over obstructions – including pipes, by foot traffic or vehicular traffic. Select from various sizes and widths to suit specific purposes.

KOMBI aluminum ramps feature a modular design that allow for easy delivery and assembly on site.

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While highly adaptable for numerous applications, KOMBI Ramp and Bridge systems also can be fabricated to suit specific requirements and dimensions.

Our sales teams can assist you to assure you have a product that meets your needs.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.