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ANSI Standards

There many regulations that serve to guide the safety of equipment and situations related to the construction and maintenance of buildings.


There many regulations that serve to guide the safety of equipment and situations related to the construction and maintenance of buildings.

Although OSHA is the governing body in both construction and general industry regulations, ANSI also plays a major role.

ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, has also developed an important set guidelines that many companies adopt and adhere too.

What are ANSI standards, and how do they apply?

ANSI provides dimensions, ratings, terminology and symbols, test methods, and performance and safety requirements for personnel, products, systems and services in hundreds of industries, especially construction.

Although it is not a government agency and doesn’t have any regulatory authority to address complaints about consumer products or services, it serves as a voluntary standardization system for construction products/procedures – and has for more than 90 years.

These standards are typically developed by a committee of industry professionals experienced in the particular field that the standard relates too. OSHA typically accepts ANSI standards, however we would advise that you always research the OSHA website for clarification.

ANSI Compliance

All FIXFAST USA products can meet ANSI standards as applicable.

However, as a consumer of fall protection equipment, ladders, gloves and other key equipment for heavy construction and maintenance, it’s important to understand the safety standards that govern the work you do.

The ANSI website lists several packages, available for a fee, which go over the standards in exceptional detail. Some of the most pertinent ones regarding products we provide include:

  • The ANSI ASC A14.3 and BS EN ISO 14122
    This package addresses the means for gaining safe access to machinery when not possible from the ground level. It includes fixed ladder safety requirements. Additionally, A14.8 addresses ladder accessories and A14.9 addresses fold down ladders specifically.
  • ANSI Z359-2007
    This details the definitions of fall protection systems, as well as safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, subsystems and components. Additionally, it offers valuable advice on how to set up a proper fall protection program.

ANSI has a page of listings for standards on every piece of the equipment chain in fall prevention, including single anchor lifelines, fall arresters, self-retracting devices, lanyards, body harnesses and positioning systems.

Additionally, there are standards for testing the devices, so you can determine whether your current inventory of fall arrest systems meets the standards.
For more information on standards or how to become an ANSI member, check out the ANSI website.

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We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.