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Fall Protection for Arenas and Stadiums

We make falling a whole lot safer.


Keeping Your Venue Safe

When you own, operate and maintain a stadium venue, there are many places you need access – and often those require fall safety systems.

The Right Fall Arrest Systems

Our catalog covers all the major categories of fall arrest products, from fixed ladders, to anchor points, lifeline systems, guardrails, raised walkways, stairs, ramps, crossovers and various personal safety items like harnesses, lanyards and anchors.

Also our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent safety standards set by OSHA, ANSI and other certification programs, where applicable.

Our Unique Safety Star System

Most stadium or arena venues are complex facilities, with complex fall protection needs. To help you choose the right package of fall protection equipment, we can tailor a system from the highest possible level of protection with maximum freedom of movement to a simple system that meets all requirements but requires more user knowledge.

Customer Support Packages

In our three-tier customer support program, you can decide how much involvement you need from our technical support staff.  Our technical support staff members are familiar both with regulatory requirements and the tolerances and best uses of our equipment, and can you help select the correct product and solution.


Platinum – We will look through your facility for unmet safety needs, check your location against current code, and recommend the right range of products for you.  We’ll even handle installation and training for your staff. We refer to this service as our “Platinum level” of customer service.

Gold – Under our Gold package, you choose the equipment, and we not only supply the product but send crew for installation and inspection– an especially helpful service for rails and permanently affixed products.

Bronze – With the Bronze Package, you make the order and we ship your items to you.


Whether it’s backstage, in the scaffolding or on the roof, we’re committed to helping you provide the safest possible environment for your arena. We consider it our trust, and our mission. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.