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Fall Protection for the Aviation Industry

We have the tools to protect both you and your employees.


Fall Arrest Systems for Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing

When they are on your job site, your employees and contractors entrust you with their lives. That’s why so many people in the aviation industry turn to us for their fall protection equipment in their aircraft factories/maintenance shops and aircraft hangars.

Our Products

Our catalog covers all the major categories of fall arrest products, from fixed ladders, to anchor points, lifeline systems, guardrails, raised walkways, stairs, ramps, crossovers and various personal safety items like harnesses, lanyards and anchors. And everything we manufacture meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI guidelines, as applicable.

Our overhead fall arrest systems have several uses in the aviation setting, where workers are called upon often to work from great heights. We have extensive lifeline systems, harnesses, and anchors that can help your factory and maintenance crews navigate the tops of airplanes, the wings, or any area where they are more than four feet off the ground. There are no shortcuts with aircraft maintenance, the same applies to the protection of your workers. Airports typically have multiple roof levels requiring periodic access. FIXFAST USA can provide fixed ladders, guardrail systems, lifeline systems and anchors for the rooftop of airport facilities to ensure there is maximum safety with minimum fuss.

Our Customer Service Support

That level of choice also can be found in our three-tier customer support program.  This allows you to choose how much involvement and help you would like to have from our technical support staff.

You may know exactly what they need for their equipment, or you may need the help of professionals who are familiar both with regulatory requirements and the tolerances and best uses of our equipment.

Three Package Levels

We offer a Bronze, Gold, and Platinum support packages, according the needs and budgets of our clients.

  1. With our Bronze Package, you make the order and we only handle supplying the items.
  2. With our Gold package, you choose the equipment, and we not only supply the product but also send a technician for installation support and inspection.
  3. Our Platinum package is considered our deluxe, turnkey package. In this instance we can help you with product design, supply, installation and inspection.

Let us help keep your employees safe and your businesses running optimally.  We consider it our trust, and our mission. Contact us today for more information.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.