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KATTSAFE Warning Line

The KATTSAFE VISUAL permanent warning line system provides high visual warning of a fall


The KATTSAFE VISUAL permanent warning line system provides high visual warning of a fall hazard. The Aluminum posts are positioned every 15 to 30 feet and connected with plastic coated galvanized aircraft cable with aluminum danger pennants every 6 feet.

Various mounting options are available to suit different roof types and profiles. Our KATTSAFE freestanding warning line for membrane and built-up roofs, features a galvanized steel weighted base that is completely non-penetrating and sits on top of the roofing membrane.

For metal decks and standing seam roofs, we offer an aluminum base that spans multiple roof profiles and can either be fastened down with self-sealing rivets, or clamped with non-penetrating seam clamps. Both mounting types offer the same OSHA compliance and high visual awareness to ensure people are kept a safe distance from fall hazards.

KATTSAFE VISUAL can be combined with KATTSAFE guardrail to create an OSHA compliant roof safety system. Guardrail can be installed in high traffic areas, access points, and other fall hazard areas and warning line can be located in the low traffic and low-risk areas to form a controlled access zone. With larger facilities, this combination can seriously reduce overall costs, yet still provide the safety that is required.


  • Visual warning line around roof perimeter
  • Visual warning line around rooftop equipment and machinery, and other unprotected fall edges


  • Can be customized on-site to meet the required application
  • Can be combined with the KATTSAFE guardrail systems to create an OSHA compliant rooftop environment.
  • Meets OSHA 1926.502(f)(2)
  • Galvanized steel bases withstand years of abuse

KATTSAFE Warning Line System


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