KATTGUARD® Warning Line Systems

Any time individuals work on a roof, there needs to be a fall protection plan in place. No matter if the construction project is ongoing or temporary, rooftop work can be dangerous due to various hazards — such as open hatches and the roof’s edge.

Because falls are one of the most common construction workplace accidents, establishing a rooftop fall hazard warning line system ensures workers stay safe — starting from when they access the roof either by ladder or hatch.
FIXFAST USA WL32 Warning Line on a roof

Create a Permanent Roof Fall Hazard Warning Line

One way to protect workers is with warning line systems. These systems, which go around the rooftop work area, provide a clear signal that workers are nearing a hazardous or unprotected side or edge. Along with defining where unsafe rooftop areas are, these warning lines can also alert workers to spots where they can work without safety nets, harnesses or guardrails. 

A warning line system needs to include a high-visibility material and have marks at 6-foot intervals. These features help workers clearly see the areas they need to keep a safe distance from.

Warning lines don’t provide any kind of physical restraint but rather serve as a visual reminder of unprotected rooftop areas. Therefore, they work best when they are part of a comprehensive fall protection system. 

Provides High Visual Warning of a Fall Hazard

The KATTGUARD® permanent warning line system provides high visual warning of a fall hazard. The Aluminum posts are positioned every 15 to 30 feet and connected with plastic coated galvanized aircraft cable with aluminum danger pennants every 6 feet.

Why Choose a Customizable Roof Warning Line System?

When warning line systems are installed in hazardous areas on your rooftop, they will help keep workers safe. Because they use less material than other types of fall protection products, they are a cost-effective option. These systems are also built to last, helping you save money in the long term.

Purchasing a KATTGUARD® warning line system also means you can take advantage of our minimum lead time and easy delivery. Our trusted solutions help keep your business in compliance while educating you and your workers on the importance of rooftop safety.


Permanent Warning Line System


For metal decks and standing seam roofs, we offer an aluminum base that spans multiple roof profiles and can either be fastened down with self-sealing rivets or clamped with non-penetrating seam clamps. Both mounting types offer the same OSHA compliance and high visual awareness to ensure people are kept a safe distance from fall hazards.


Various mounting options are available to suit different roof types and profiles. Our KATTGUARD® freestanding warning line for membrane and built-up roofs features a galvanized steel weighted base that is completely non-penetrating and sits on top of the roofing membrane.

Keep Your Site Compliant With the KATTGUARD Warning Line System

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates when and how warning line systems can be used. For example, OSHA details regulations regarding how to use these systems with low-sloped roofs and what products these warning line systems can be used alongside.

Here at FIXFAST USA, we understand the guidelines and have created a range of warning line systems built with these specifications in mind, allowing you to keep your job site compliant no matter which solution you choose.

Combined Efforts

KATTGUARD VISUAL can be combined with KATTGUARD guardrail to create an OSHA compliant roof safety system. Guardrails can be installed in high-traffic areas, access points and other fall hazard areas, and warning lines can be located in the low-traffic and low-risk areas to form a controlled access zone. With larger facilities, this combination can seriously reduce overall costs while still providing the required safety.

Experience Maximum Safety and Minimum Fuss With a Customizable Roof Warning Line System

Our rooftop fall hazard warning line systems keep your rooftop workers safe day in and day out. We make finding the right system simple with our responsive customer service team. If you have any questions, be sure to fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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