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High Five Roof Safety Audit

A Five step approach to achieve compliance together

The High Five Roof Safety Audit Program provides a comprehensive package that lets you see points of concern on your facility and learn the steps you'll need to take to address them.

This safety audit program utilizes our five-step approach to making a rooftop compliant and we'll work with you to understand your requirements and provide a solution for advanced roof safety.

Roof Safety Audit Tiers

The High Five Roof Safety Audit is split into three tiers that offer varying services based on your needs. 

Tier 1

Preliminary Roof Safety Audit (PRSA)


  • Remote view of the facility
  • Simple roof layout
  • Material quotation
  • A lead time of 1-1.5 weeks

Tier 2

Roof Safety Audit (RSA)


  • In-depth satellite review
  • Advanced roof layout
  • Material quotation
  • Compliance audit document
  • A lead time of 1.5-2 weeks

Tier 3

On-site roof safety audit (ORSA)


  • On-site roof safety assessment
  • Advanced roof layout
  • Material quotation
  • Compliance audit document
  • Lead time based on scale and geographic location

Why Choose High Five Roof Safety Audits?

Using the High Five Roof Safety Audit Program is a helpful way to assess your facility or the facility where you’ll be working. This program enables you to determine the best safety equipment to use when addressing potential fall hazards and achieving OSHA compliance. By performing these audits, you can more effectively protect your workers from falls and prevent potential fines for noncompliance in the future. 

Additional reasons why you should choose our audits include:


Fall protection remains a top OSHA violation challenge year-over-year. Rooftop activities are common for many personnel who work atop unprotected rooftops routinely.

Compliance Challenge

Often, poorly assessed fall protection solutions lead to high implementation costs and over-engineered systems requiring ongoing maintenance, testing and inspections.


Ad hoc project planning and diversified suppliers/installers lead to non-standard systems and models, adding to training costs, specialized equipment and unmatched site installations.

Turnkey Solution

The High Five Roof Safety Audit Program is a unique approach to facility management where FIXFAST USA provides remote analytics, design, material pricing, and a pathway to compliance within one document to meet your needs with fixed models and pricing.


Brand reputation takes a lifetime to build, but can be lost overnight. Don't fall victim, to a fall.

Paul Hanlin

Strategic Accounts Manager

Let's Achieve Compliance Together

We are with you every step of the way, starting with understanding your needs and finishing with executing a compliant solution package.

test sheet for the High 5 Safety program from FIXFAST USAafter image of safety zones following the High 5 Safety program from FIXFAST USA

Before and after High Five

The first pivotal step within the High Five Program involves thoroughly examining roof access points and performing an audit to make sure the roof is safe to work on. The significance of having compliant access to the roof cannot be overstated, as it is the primary location where most fall incidents occur. 

You may employ various methods for rooftop access, including exterior fixed ladders, roof hatches, portable ladders, exterior stair systems and elevated working platforms (EWPs). Effectively addressing these access points and ensuring compliance can substantially mitigate fall hazards.

For instance, installing guardrails can establish robust fall protection around stairs, fixed ladders and roof hatches, significantly enhancing rooftop safety. You could also implement self-closing gates at access points to ensure ongoing OSHA compliance. The High Five Roof Safety Audit Program enables our team to assess your location and offer valuable insights into how to best protect your team from falls.

Perform a Roof Safety Audit

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