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Our Vision

To ensure those working at heights return home safely.

At FIXFAST USA, we dedicate ourselves to a single shared goal of boosting the safety of those who work at heights. We’ve created an extensive selection of rooftop-specific products for safe access and fall protection. Our designs come from first-hand knowledge of rooftop workers’ specific hazards, and we focus on delivering maximum safety and minimum fuss.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

Roof Access and Fall Protection Products

Falls make up the majority of workplace deaths in the construction industry. Rooftops present elevations coupled with steep slopes and dangerous roof edges. Additionally, potentially dangerous elements such as power tools, electricity, hazardous substances and extreme temperatures and weather events are often involved. Faulty or improperly used equipment like ladders also contributes to accidents. 

It’s easy to see why the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) devotes so much attention to fall prevention. Follow their lead and consider adding equipment and accessories like:

  • Fall protection railings: Outfitting hazardous elevated areas with guardrails and railings can create a physical fall barrier.
  • Fall restraint systems: Pairing restraint systems with lifelines and anchor points provides extra safety along dangerous rooftop edges.
  • Fall-arresting equipment: Fall-arresting equipment helps catch team members that accidentally slip or fall, reducing the chances of serious injury or death.

FIXFAST USA specializes in crafting the industry’s best lineup of OSHA-compliant rooftop access and safety solutions.


Fixed ladders are an integral addition to any building to help provide safe, designated access to elevated areas such as rooftops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. You want them fixed securely to the wall to ensure they provide a sturdy, safe passage to these elevated areas.


Passive fall protection provides maximum safety and we offer multiple aluminum roof guardrail systems to suit various applications and roof types. The KATTGUARD permanent roof guardrail system can be easily customized in the field to suit multiple configurations. 

Safe entry through rooftop openings and safety around the opening is of utmost importance. The KATTHATCH Roof Hatch and KATTGUARD Roof Hatch Guardrail is an innovative system that install in minutes. This fixed railing system provides permanent fall protection for hatch openings.


KATTWALK™ Rooftop Walkway systems provide maximum safety with minimum fuss. These rooftop walkway systems provide clear, designated walkway routes for workers at height. Read more on our rooftop walkway systems and request your quote today.


FIXFAST USA offers a variety of stair systems, ramps, bridges and platforms designed to provide improved access to high areas along with a maximum level of safety. KOMBI is an engineered, no weld, modular stair and platform system. Designed for easy customization with re-usable components, KOMBI saves design costs and reduces delivery times.

experts in Roof Access and Fall Protection solutions

Connor Genatempo

Internal Sales Representative

Take it from the people who know us best — our customers.

Our company has done a lot of business with FIXFAST over the last 5 years or so. We install many guard rail systems on our new roofs. The FIXFAST GR34 has become our favorite guard rail systems. FIXFAST is also very good when it comes to customer service or handling any issues that might come up. We can definitely recommend FIXFAST to new customers.

Great versatile products that have a premium look compared to others on the market.

Customer service is always thorough and excellent. My questions are always answered and products are delivered timely. I highly recommend FIXFAST to anyone needing rooftop safety equipment.

How can we help?

The right mix of equipment and accessories meets two critical business objectives — keeping employees productive and protecting their well-being. FIXFAST USA is as committed to your workforce’s safety as you are. That’s why we design and manufacture everything you need to protect your team members, from lifelines to roof hatch systems.

Our roof access and fall protection experts work with you to choose the best equipment and products to meet your facility’s demands. We also support you with quick turnaround times and effortless deliveries. Then we take it a step further, acting as your educational partner with timely and relevant materials and safety programs.

Learn OSHA Code

Let us help you make sense of complex OSHA regulations in simple terms. The resources in our education center explain the guidelines in detail, so you can be sure you obey the laws in place to keep your workforce safe.

our programs & services

Engage your team in rooftop safety and fall protection with education to recognize hazards. When you combine these resources with superior fall protection equipment, everyone stays safer.

Address Rooftop Safety in 5 easy-to-follow steps.

after image of safety zones following the High 5 Safety program from FIXFAST USA

Simplify your facility’s next safe access and fall protection audit. We’ve created High Five™ — a comprehensive plan with five straightforward steps to conducting a complete and meaningful audit. Learn more about how High Five helps you discover the unique hazards in your workplace and develop strategies to address them.

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