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Family in Mind at Every Rung.

Whether you are working in the office at FIXFAST USA, talking with us over the phone, or climbing one of our fixed ladders at the job site, family is the centerpiece of why we do what we do. FIXFAST USA began as a family-owned business in 1975 and that same family environment gives us purpose today.

Every employee and working partnership are a part of a family culture that is welcoming to all. Whatever you need, we go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.

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Working at FIXFAST USA.

As an employee at FIXFAST USA, you are a key member in completing our mission. The mission at FIXFAST USA is to provide maximum safety and minimum fuss to workers at height. You are an expert on an extensive range of fall protection products that keep workers from being exposed to multiple fall hazards. We make the rooftop less of a fuss to our customers through education and simplicity.

We back up our extensive product range with first-class customer service. As a company and family, we have always gone that extra mile to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. We match this effort with our employees as well. Regular ping pong matches, team building days, provided lunches, holiday work schedule and much more all attribute to the fun, caring, and motivational environment at FIXFAST USA. 

Working with FIXFAST USA.

As a partner with FIXFAST USA, you will be expertly trained in the selling and installation of our fall protection systems. We support our partners with product guidance and recommendations, sales support and presentations, roof hazard inspections, installation and layout support, system inspection, safety tips, and certification. 

You will also have complete access to our High Five and KATTCARE programs which will help you educate your customers on the OSHA standards as well as guide them through installations that are minimum fuss.

We provide new and existing partners the opportunity to visit our office, experience the team culture, and get hands-on with FIXFAST USA fall protection systems in our demo/training space. 

The Core of FIXFAST USA.


Above and Beyond

Great products. Great service. Great team. Great experience.


Maximum Flow: Minimum Fuss

No hold-ups means happy customers and efficient team.



Get off your ass and sell safety. Everybody is in sales.


By the Inch...It's a Cinch

Continually improve products and processes to ensure minimum fuss.



Celebrate success.

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