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KATTCARE Technician

Purpose of the Job Role

To provide on-site support and technical assistance to help ensure an efficient and awesome KATTCARE experience for the customer and ensure profitability for the company.

Reports To

KATTCARE Program Manager

Skills/Attributes Required

Practical and experienced in typical construction methods, mechanically minded, accurate, efficient, flexible. Willing to travel as needed. Able to prioritize and good attention to detail. Read and understand construction drawings. Ability to communicate with customers and their consultants or architects at the needed level of technical and engineering knowledge. Knowledgeable about industry standards (OSHA & ANSI), including local state regulations. Needs to portray the company brand in physical appearance and terminology used. Have a clear understanding of the products and systems that Fixfast offers.

Education/Experience Required

Good at reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

Certifications/Licenses Required

Relevant Forklift licenses and man-up machine certification. Current driving license. Competent person training for personal safety equipment inspections and systems. OSHA 30hr course is preferred. Full COVID-19 Vaccination is required for this role.

Primary Responsibilities

To ensure that our customers are provided the support that they require and deserve and make it easy for them to do business with us.

  • Support the installation of fall protection and safe access system installations where required. Support does not include actual physical installation. It is a mentoring role that may include demonstration of best practisesand to ensure that project completion is compliant with FF and relevant standards.
  • Photograph and complete ‘Project Completion Reports’ as required. Ensure any installation issue is corrected and in accord with guidelines prior to approval.
  • Provide phone support to installers of our product to ensure a safe and compliant installation.
  • Ensure KATTCARE support vehicles are routinely maintained by dealer and that vehicles are maintained and cleaned to ensure they represent the brand in a positive way.
  • Ensure the KATTCARE program is a ‘support only’ program and not hands on physical labor.
  • Review KATTCARE Remote Project Images and communicate any issues for immediate rectification to the installer. Send to the Admin Team for an approval report to be generated. Save photos that are valuable for marketing or training purposes.
  • Understand all industry standards, both federal and state and ensure all Fixfast systems meet or exceed regulations.
  • Use the scheduling program provided to record and update projects as they are completed. Field issues must be reported accordingly.

Performance Objectives

To fulfill the Fixfast team’s promises in providing maximum reliability with minimum fuss to our customers.

Key Performance Indicators

KATTCARE Monthly Profit

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