Our Covid-19 Action Plan

COVID-19 has put a pause on many aspects of our everyday life. We’ve set up ways for our business to push on through a time such as this one and support those businesses that rely on our products. Our business is operating at full capacity, but we do have some minor adjustments. Here is how FIXFAST USA is dealing with COVID-19.

  • Work From Home
    All of our office staff has reorganized to a work from home scenario. We continue with our daily team huddles in the morning and communicate with Microsoft teams. We encourage our team to share successes and communicate frequently in order to stay on focus and keep motivated!
  • Staggered Warehouse Hours
    Due to our dedicated warehouse staff we are still able to ship at full capacity. Your orders are getting out the door in full and on time! However, we have implemented a staggered hour schedule for our employees in the warehouse to limit close contact and practice social distancing. Those still working out of the warehouse also have access to many cleaning supplies to practice good hygiene.
  • Virtual Support
    Our sales and customer support teams are still here for our customers even if it is from home. We have setup a way for our customers to book Zoom meetings with our employees to meet virtually for training, discussing upcoming projects, or even just to chat.
  • Virtual KATTCARE Support
    Due to our KATTCARE technicians being limited in how much and where they can travel in person, we are providing virtual field support. It is just like our normal KATTCARE Field Support program, but through a video call!


If you’d like to discuss how our COVID-19 Action Plan is working for us then please get in contact with us or schedule a Zoom meeting!