KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder Systems.

Our KATTCLIMB® ladders are constructed of high tensile light-weight aluminum and designed for maximum climbing comfort and user safety.

Because they are aluminum, they are non-corrosive – and that allows for better warranties than those on steel ladders. We also make it simple to set up and purchase fixed ladder systems with modular setups and a range of compatible products and configurations.

Whatever your roof looks like, we can help you get the perfect fixed ladder system to deliver easy access and keep your workers safe.

Select Your Fixed Ladder Type.

Not sure what fixed roof ladder you need for your application? View our ladder selector sheet to find out which one of our KATTCLIMB® ladders will fit your needs.

Whether you need a straightforward exterior roof access ladder or something to fit a compact, hard-to-reach space like our fold down ladders, you get all the benefits of KATTCLIMB® craftsmanship and service. Each one is built for comfort, safety and easy installation, regardless of the application.

Our fixed ladder systems come in a wide range of configurations to support just about any structure. For instance, you can add on a walkway, choose from various mounting options and include other accessories or safety add-ons. These are often necessary to meet safety standards or accommodate any oddities of the structure you’re working with.

These options include:

  • Fall arrest systems: If work occurs over 24 feet up in the air, fall protection is required. Our fixed ladder fall protection allows for continuous, hands-free safety at all points of the ladder. You can get these kits for KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders or retrofit them to an existing ladder.
  • Mounting: We offer three types of mounts for full stability of your fixed access ladder. These include standard floor mounts as well as non-penetrating base plates and off-floor mounted fixing brackets. Neither option will penetrate the roofing substrate, and the off-floor bracket keeps the ladder off the roof entirely, affixing it to the wall instead.
  • Security solutions: If you need to keep your fixed access ladder protected from unauthorized personnel, our locking cage gates and access doors can help. They fit easily onto compatible KATTCLIMB® ladders.
  • Support brackets: Using portable ladders? Our KATTDOCK™ support brackets make it easy to create a secure attachment point to access the roof. Your options include a wall or parapet mount, a gutter mount and a landing platform model.


Whatever type of permanent ladder you need, FIXFAST USA makes sure you can meet applicable requirements with a variety of custom solutions. A fixed ladder safety system can keep you compliant with work site regulations, and you can stay in line with building codes with the right type of mount and support brackets.

Angled Fixed Ladders

Vertical Fixed Ladders

Caged Fixed Ladders

Fold Down Ladders

KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest

Fixed Ladder Mounting Options

Fixed Ladder Security Options

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket

The KATTCLIMB® Promise.

Modular System

KATTCLIMB® modular access components come in convenient sections, allowing you to construct endless ladder and access configurations to fit unique site requirements. Robotic welding gives components a precision-perfect finish.

Minimum Lead Time

We keep our KATTCLIMB® modular components in stock and ready to ship so you have quick access to the parts you need. Components for your ladder configuration come packaged together and are typically sent out within 1-2 days or as required.

Easy Delivery

The lightweight components come to you in a flatpack kit, which offers easier handling and big freight cost savings. In many cases, the components may simply be carried to the installation site or crane lifted once at the destination.


The wide body of the ladder and its non-slip profiled rung design delivers greater user confidence and added safety and ease of use.

KATTCLIMB® products are built to meet and exceed applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations.

Your Trusted Source for Fixed Ladder Systems.

FIXFAST USA has been providing safe solutions since 1975. We’re a family-owned business that carries family-focused values through to today’s operations. We take safety seriously, which is why we build our ladders with strong yet lightweight aluminum and create fixed ladder safety systems that are a snap to use.

Whether you know exactly what you need or you’re looking for some assistance, our knowledgeable sales team is happy to help. We can help you find the right product, meet necessary requirements and ensure your workers’ safety. To learn more about our fixed ladder systems, please reach out to a representative online or give us a call at 888-637-7872.