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Fixed Ladders

KATTCLIMB aluminum ladders provide safe and secure access to elevated areas.



Fixed ladders are an integral addition to any building to help provide safe, designated access to elevated areas such as rooftops, ceiling spaces, and maintenance platforms. You want them fixed securely to the wall to ensure they provide a sturdy, safe passage to these elevated areas.

Angled Fixed Ladders

RL21 Mini Fixed Ladder

Standard Fixed Ladders

Standard Fixed Ladder

Caged Ladders

Caged Fixed Ladder

Fall Arrest Fixed Ladders


Fold Down Ladders

RL21 Mini Fixed Ladder


KATT Accessories

Our KATTCLIMB ladders are constructed of high tensile light-weight aluminum, and designed for maximum climbing comfort and user safety. Because they are aluminum, they are non-corrosive – and that allows better warranties than those for steel ladders.

Choose from a wide array of fixed ladder styles to suit your application.

  • Mini Fixed Angled Ladders
  • Standard Vertical Fixed Ladders
  • Caged Ladders
  • Fall Arrest Fixed Ladders
  • Fold Down Ladders
  • Ladder Accessories

A variety of floor mounting options are available for the mini fixed angled ladders. Each kit can be mounted to the floor with the floor mount fixing kit, or to one of our non-penetrating base options.


Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Safety

KATTCLIMB ladders are designed and engineered based on the latest industry feedback, technology and experience from across the globe. In addition to providing maximum safety, they are also ergonomically designed for the best user experience.

For example, other ladders often have small diameter steel bars which are uncomfortable on the climbers’ hands and feet, but the wider body and unique rung design of our ladders maximize user comfort.

KATTCLIMB ladders can also be powder coated as required. We know that aluminum can become slippery when powder coated, therefore we apply a high grip finish on the rungs of all powder coated ladders.

Unique Modular System

KATTCLIMB ladders from FIXFAST USA are fabricated in modular sections that are robotically welded for a precision perfect finish. Several advantages of this include:

Endless Configurations

No two access situations are exactly the same, and the modular components of KATTCLIMB ladders mean you can construct a fixed ladder system to meet site-specific requirements for literally any application.

On-Site Customization

KATTCLIMB ladder kits allow for customization on-site. Our ladder kits should be longer than you actually require, and can be cut to the required height on-site.

The wall fixing brackets are not pre-welded to the ladder sections, which means they can be located as required giving you ultimate flexibility.

And each order is accompanied with all necessary hardware and a KATTCLIMB fixing kit.  Aluminum construction allows for easy cutting and drilling on-site as well as handling.

Quick, Flat Box Shipping

Typically our modular ladder components are shipped flat packed. This reduces your shipping costs and allows for easier handling and transportation. The lightweight aluminum components make the product easier to handle and assemble upon delivery.

With all our modular sections in stock, the KATTCLIMB Ladders are typically dispatched within 24 hours of order (or as required). Other manufacturers usually require lead times of 4 to 5 weeks.

OSHA Compliance

All KATTCLIMB ladders and accessories are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations as applicable.

We take safety seriously – it’s our mission to provide the safest rooftop access equipment on the market.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We aim to be the vendor of choice for safe access products and fall protection systems within the markets we serve.