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KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder Systems.

Fixed ladders provide straightforward access to higher structural spaces for repair, inspection and maintenance. Permanent mounting means there’s no need to transport and assemble fixed ladder systems each time, and installing them in line with OSHA safety standards contributes to a healthier workplace.

KATTCLIMB® ladders from FIXFAST USA offer these advantages — and so much more.


We designed the KATTCLIMB® line with high-tensile, lightweight aluminum and robotic welding for a precision finish, climbing comfort and user safety. Plus, it resists corrosion better than steel, allowing for better warranties and is compliant with OSHA safety guidelines.

KATTCLIMB® is a modular system, giving you the flexibility to select the design that best meets your needs. Choose from vertical OSHA fixed laddersangled stylescaged models or fold-down styles. Not sure which KATTCLIMB® model is right for your application? Try our ladder selector or let us help you locate the ideal design. Contact us with questions or for assistance by calling 888-637-7872 or submitting our online form.

Customize Your KATTCLIMB® for Specific Purposes.

Not sure what fixed roof ladder you need for your application? View our ladder selector sheet to find out which one of our KATTCLIMB® ladders will fit your needs.

Whether you need a straightforward exterior roof access ladder or something to fit a compact, hard-to-reach space like our fold down ladders, you get all the benefits of KATTCLIMB® craftsmanship and service. Each one is built for comfort, safety and easy installation, regardless of the application.

In addition to its modular convenience, KATTCLIMB® offers multiple other ways to tailor your fixed ladder system for your needs. Our options and add-ons include:

  • Fall arrest systems: Safety guidelines require fall protection for work done at heights over 24 feet. Pair our fall arrest solutions with KATTCLIMB® or retrofit them to your current system.
  • Various mounting styles: We have three types of stability-improving mounts. Choose from off-floor fixing brackets, non-penetrating base plates and standard floor mounts.
  • Access security: We have solutions when it’s necessary to control ladder access. Add an access door or lockable cage gates.
  • Support brackets: Our KATTDOCK™ support brackets come in wall or parapet mounts, landing platforms and gutter-mount styles. Create a permanent structural attachment with ease.

Whatever type of permanent ladder you need, FIXFAST USA makes sure you can meet applicable requirements with a variety of custom solutions. A fixed ladder safety system can keep you compliant with work site regulations, and you can stay in line with building codes with the right type of mount and support brackets.

OSHA Compliant Ladders.

Angled Fixed Ladders

Vertical Fixed Ladders

Caged Fixed Ladders

Fold Down Ladders

KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest

Fixed Ladder Mounting Options

Fixed Ladder Security Options

KATTDOCK™ Ladder Support Bracket

Staying OSHA Compliant With Fixed Ladder Systems

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls from ladders represent 20% of all lost-workday and fatal injuries across all industries. OSHA rules contain requirements to protect workers from falling off fixed ladders, platforms and ladder stands. Each ladder must undergo inspection before initial use and be capable of supporting its maximum intended load.

OSHA defines fixed ladders as permanently attached devices on a building, structure or equipment. These devices comprise individual-rung ladders, excluding utility hole steps, step bolts or ship stairs. Recent OSHA rule amendments require employers to have personal fall arrest systems or ladder safety mechanisms for fixed ladders that extend more than 24 feet. 

Some of the recent changes for fixed ladder systems include:

  • Height requirement: Before the changes, OSHA fall protection standards applied to ladders taller than 20 feet. Under the new law, ladders taller than 24 feet must follow regulations specified in OSHA standard 1910.23.
  • Equipment: Under the old standards, OSHA considered cages adequate fall protection systems for fixed ladders. The new changes state that fixed ladders must have a ladder safety system or a personal fall arrest system.
  • Repair: If there is any damage to your fixed ladder, you must replace those pieces with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system. This rule also applies to damage to previously installed cages, sections or wells that are no longer functioning.

Fixed Ladder System Training

The OSHA amendments also require employers to provide training about potential risks to workers who use fall protection equipment or work in high-hazard situations. The rule states that a qualified person must administer training that involves:

  • Identifying and minimizing fall hazards.
  • Using personal fall protection systems and rope descent systems.
  • Maintaining, inspecting and storing equipment used for fall protection.

An employer must provide retraining if there is a change in workplace operations or equipment or if a worker shows a lack of a specific skill or knowledge.

ANSI and ASSP Standards

Although considered voluntary, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Z359.16 standard helps employers understand requirements for the design, performance, testing, maintenance, inspection and storage of fixed ladders and other ladder systems. The standard also addresses practical fall safety principles like risk survey, hazard control and elimination, education and training, and accident investigation.

FIXFAST USA Programs to Help You Stay Safe and Compliant

At FIXFAST USA, we offer several training programs to help employers and workers better understand OSHA standards and fall safety. High Five™ is a five-step program that promotes accident prevention by recognizing unsafe areas and potential risks around your work site. KATTCARE™ is a care system ensuring the correct functionality of our products after initial installation.

The KATTCLIMB® Promise.

We’re committed to bringing you the best customer experience possible. Customers countrywide choose us for:

Modular Construction

We manufacture KATTCLIMB® in modular sections so you can choose the exact configuration you need.

Short Lead Times

Our sections are in stock and ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours.

Easy Delivery

We flatpack the components for extra convenience and freight savings.

Increased Safety

KATTCLIMB® features wide ladder bodies and non-slip rungs for enhanced protection.

Regulatory Expertise - OSHA Compliant Ladders

We are deeply familiar with guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) — our systems meet or exceed those regulations. 

Work With the Experts in Fixed Ladder Systems.

Family is at the heart of everything we do — our values have made us a trusted source for customers since 1975. We’re experts at providing superior products and service with a focus on performance, safety and convenience.

Join our family today by calling us at 888-637-7872 or connecting with a team member online.

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