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Caged Fixed Ladders

The KATTCLIMB Caged access ladder is the perfect solution for application heights where standards require fall protection.



Fall protection is required when application heights exceed 24 feet. The KATTCLIMB caged fixed ladders provide the safety cage necessary to meet and exceed safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI as applicable.

Both ladders and cages are constructed of our signature high tensile, light-weight aluminum and provide the necessary protection for workers who may need to move between lower and upper roofs, from ground to roof levels, or access canopies.

Please note that cages are no longer considered a form of fall protection on any fixed ladders sold or installed after November 19th 2018. Fixed ladders with a fall arrest system are recommend in lieu of cages.


Caged Access Ladder With Grabrails

Caged Access Ladder With Grabrails

Caged Access Ladder With Parapet Mount

caged access ladder with parapet mount

Caged Access Ladder With Lead On Handrails

Caged Access Ladder With Lead On Handrails RL43

Caged Ladder for Roof Hatch Access

Caged Access Ladder With Retractable StilesRL44

Application Based

When heights exceed 24 feet, there are two options for fall protection: KATTCLIMB ladders can be outfitted with the safety cage, or the fall arrest cable system.

The KATTCLIMB caged ladders are ergonomically designed to provide user comfort as well as the safety. They can also be installed with an optional cage gate to guard against unauthorized access.

We offer a variety of styles, including:

  • RL41 Caged fixed ladder with grab rails
  • RL42 Caged fixed ladder with parapet platform
  • RL43 Caged fixed ladder with 8ft walkway system
  • RL44 Caged fixed ladder for roof hatch access
  • RL45 Caged fixed ladder with 3ft walkway system


There are various mounting options available for the KATTCLIMB fixed ladders. Many fixed ladders are ‘off-floor’ mounted. This means that the ladder is suspended to the wall and does not contact the lower level in any way.

This works with the KATTCLIMB ladders, but keep in mind the forces are always applied downward – so we offer floor mount brackets and two types of non-penetrating base support options.

This means that the roofing membrane below does not need to be penetrated, but the ladder can still rest on the roof surface for extra stability.

Modular Design and Installation Support

Our KATTCLIMB caged fixed ladders are manufactured in modular sections, robotically welded for a precision finish that allows easy assembly and limitless configurations. This allows for on-site customization – a feature unique to FIXFAST USA.

The KATTCLIMB fixed ladders are sold in kits complete with the installation instructions, hardware and the KATTKIT – provided at no charge and including a wrench, nut setter, file and drill bit.

If there is installation questions or assistance needed, FIXFAST USA is ready to back you up. If you need further support, our Support Program is tiered to suit your needs.


We offer something most manufacturers cannot offer: on site customization. The ladder kits we provide should be longer than you actually require, and the base of the ladder body may be cut to the required height on-site. The wall fixing brackets are not pre-welded to the ladder sections, so you can place them where needed.

No matter what your measurements, we have a ladder kit that will meet your specific requirements. If you require a 25-foot ladder with a parapet platform, our 27’ 6″ RL42.330 kit has the features you need and can be cut at the base to the required height.

Our cages are supplied pre-built, however there is still adjustability available if required.

Quick Shipping

We typically flat pack ship our modular ladder components. This reduces shipping costs and allows for easier handling and transportation. The lightweight aluminum components make the product easier to handle and assemble upon delivery.

With all our modular sections in stock, the KATTCLIMB Ladders are usually dispatched within 1-2 days, compared to the 4 to 5 weeks that is the common lead time for other manufacturers. If you require custom colors, please allow 12-14 days lead time.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We’re dedicated to providing products designed to permanently improve safety for climbing between levels and working in rooftop environments. We strive to make the whole process easy for you by providing excellent customer service as well as excellent products – as our customers will tell you. Please contact us today for more information.