KATTCLIMB® Fold Down Ladders.

Fold-down ladders are easy to store and use in comparison to traditional pop-up ladders. You can upgrade your commercial space by installing a KATTCLIMB® RL60. Whether you want more storage space or need to replace your existing ladder system, FIXFAST USA can help you find the right fit. 

FIXFAST USA carries premium fold-down ladders for any commercial space. We manufacture high-quality fall safety and roof access equipment so you can safely access and work in elevated areas. With the right equipment and training, we can work together to keep everyone safe from injury on job sites. 

Explore our fold-down ladder options to find the right fit for your business or operation.

Gain access to mezzanines, commercial attic spaces and other hard-to-reach areas with ease when using our selection of KATTCLIMB® RL60 Fold-Down Ladders. Fold-down ladders are a great alternative to traditional ladders, and they require zero ground space. These foldable roof ladders also ensure the perfect angle for access every time, giving you one less thing to set up.

Available for compact and commercial applications, these fixed retractable ladders combine the unique features of our fixed ladder systems along with the added convenience of folding into a compact size for storage. The foldable ladders attach to a suspension kit, which attaches directly to the ceiling or roof structure. Suspension kits come in different sizes to accommodate the ceiling height and overall structure. Always measure your work space before deciding which model you should purchase. 

All of our products are made from high-grade aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. Our roof hatch access ladders complement other roof access equipment, such as walkways and railings, which you can find in our product inventory.


graphic of an RL62 commercial fold down ladder from FIXFAST USA

RL62 Commercial Fold-Down Ladder.

For Heights 7' - 10'

The RL62 is the smaller of the two fold-down ladder options. This commercial fold-down ladder gives you access to heights anywhere from 7 to 10 feet. With our simple installation method, you can trust that your ladder will stay in place. 



RL63 Maxi Fold-Down Ladder.

For Heights 7' - 14'

If you have high ceilings or need to access the roof, the RL63 is right for you. This ladder can reach heights up to 14 feet, which can be helpful in large commercial areas such as warehouses.


graphic of an RL63 maxi fold down ladder from FIXFAST USA

Quality Ladders and Safety Supplies from FIXFAST USA.

FIXFAST USA originated in 1975 as a family business that cared about keeping others safe. Several decades later, family is still the center of all that we do. We focus on keeping people safe with durable products so they can get home every day.

We manufacture equipment for rooftop access, fixed ladder systems and fall protection. Our services are: 

  • Personal: We’ll work with you to find what you need for your operation. We understand that every business is different. No matter your background or experience, we’ll make sure you understand your options.
  • Effective: Our products can help you remedy OSHA violations and other safety concerns with ease. We also strive to offer education on the importance of safety and the most current regulations.
  • Safe: With decades of industry knowledge and experience, we have created OSHA-complaint materials that work in a variety of areas. You can feel safe on the job with sturdy materials from FIXFAST USA. 

We go above and beyond to ensure that you are taken care of. For more information, contact us online or request a free quote for your job site.