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KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder Mounting Options.

There are various KATTCLIMB® accessories available that complement the ladder systems. These accessories are crafted with the same attention to detail as our entire product line. 

We offer 3 mounting options for the KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder systems:

  • Non-Penetrating Base Plate – Provides stability with no penetration of the roofing substrate.
  • Floor Mount Bracket Set – Aluminum floor mount brackets for secure mounting to the ground/metal roof. 
  • Off-Floor Mounted Fixing Bracket – A heavy duty wall fixing bracket for off-floor mounted fixed ladders. The ladder does not touch the surface below.
graphic of the LD419F product from FIXFAST USA


Non-Penetrating Baseplate


Floor Mount Bracket Set
graphic of the LD419S product from FIXFAST USA
graphic of an LD42 from FIXFAST USA


Off-Floor Mount Fixing Bracket

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