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KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder Security Options.

The KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder System is a sturdy, reliable ladder system suitable for a variety of workplaces. We design our ladder systems to provide a safe option for maneuvering a job site. Our ladder systems are also customizable so you can find the perfect safety and security equipment for your operation.

Enhancing your current ladder system can help you get the most out of your investment. Our accessories will keep your ladders protected when they’re not in use, giving you control over who has access to elevated areas. Find out how you can customize your KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder System with our gear and further protect your workers.

There are various KATTCLIMB® accessories available that complement the ladder systems. These accessories are crafted with the same attention to detail as our entire product line. 

We offer two security options for the KATTCLIMB® Fixed Ladder systems:

  • Ladder Cage Lockable Gate – Includes hinges and lug kit. For use with RL40 Series Fixed Ladders. 
  • Ladder Access Door – Includes handle kit and fixings. For use with RL30 Series Fixed Ladders. 

Each security option comes ready to install with your existing KATTCLIMB® ladder system.

Ladder Cage Lockable Gate LD425 Security Option


Ladder Cage Lockable Gate

The LD425 works with KATTCLIMB® Caged Fixed Ladders. This lockable cage ladder gate securely closes the ladder entrance when it’s not in use. This model is made from sturdy, lightweight aluminum for long-lasting results. Every order includes hinges and a lug kit for easy, in-house installation and maintenance.


Ladder Access Door
The LD426 pairs with all standard fixed ladders. The aluminum door locks in place to prevent access when no one is using the ladder. For non-caged ladders, the access door attaches to the existing ladder frame. You can lock the door for safety reasons and maintain proper ladder usage and procedures.


Ladder Access Door LD426
Hinged Ladder Door Access


Hinged Ladder Security Door
The LD427 works with KATTCLIMB®  Vertical Fixed Ladders. This hinged security door attaches directly to the ladder to prevent unauthorized entrance. You can take advantage of the stay-open design when the ladder is in use and then lock it when finished. This door works well in conjunction with the KATTCLIMB® Ladder Fall Arrest System.

The Importance of Ladder Security.

Fall protection extends beyond harnesses and attachments. Fall protection practices also ensure that workers can only access elevated areas at certain times. Security doors prevent outsiders from accessing a potentially dangerous area. Doors can also decrease the risk of injury from ladder misuse. 

The primary reasons for ladder security are: 

  • Cost: Workplace injuries can be costly, and they can hinder the project’s progress. Investing in a ladder door can help you save on costs in the long run. 
  • Safety: Ladders can be dangerous, especially if the user has not had proper training. Ladder doors and gates increase security by preventing inexperienced individuals from using the ladder. 
  • Privacy: If outsiders can access your work site, they can climb ladders and potentially interfere with the construction or renovation process. Having a lockable door in place ensures that certified individuals are the only people with access to the area.

Ladder doors, gates and cages can keep your ladder free of obstructions and prevent injury. Find the right accessories to match your KATTCLIMB® ladder and enhance your safety measures. 

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At FIXFAST USA, we understand how important it is to find the right safety measures for your business. We understand that every job site is different, and we’ll help you determine the best solution for your employees. We also strive to offer education about the importance of fall protection and help businesses comply with OSHA guidelines and restrictions. 

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