KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders

Safely Provide Access with FIXFAST USA RL30 Series Fixed Ladders

KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders are available in a variety of kits to suit different applications. Various options are available for these modular, aluminum access ladder systems to ensure every need or safety standard can be met. 

Constructed of aluminum, these vertical fixed ladders are lightweight, sturdy and non-corrosive. Their welded, serrated rungs and their splice-joined ladder bodies create a product with maximum safety that will last for years to come. As with all of our products, KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders meet OSHA and ANSI standards as applicable, but they are also ergonomically designed for user comfort as well as safety. 

Slanted Graphic_KATTCLIMB

RL31 Vertical Fixed Ladder with Grab Rails

The RL31 Vertical Fixed Ladder assembles with Grab Rails at the ladder head. Its ladder body is joined together with a splice join, and the aluminum 1-1/4″ serrated rungs are welded to the stiles. At the top of the ladder is a tubular aluminum grab rail with two bolts per side. The RL31 Vertical Fixed Ladder with Grab Rails is supplied as a kit and is designed to be cut to a specific height on site. 

RL32 Vertical Fixed
Access Ladder with
Parapet Platform

The RL32 Vertical Fixed Ladder assembles with a Parapet Platform at the ladder head. The ladder has aluminum 1-1/4″ serrated rungs that are welded to the stiles with a ladder body joined using splice joints. The top of the ladder has a round aluminum knee rail joined with screws and completed with a mesh platform surface featuring a ribbed aluminum finish. 

Slanted Graphic_KATTCLIMB
Slanted Graphic_KATTCLIMB

RL33 Fixed Vertical Ladder with 8ft Walkway System

The RL33 Vertical Fixed Ladder assembles with an 8ft walkway platform at the ladder head and consists of aluminum 1-1/4″ serrated rungs on a ladder body joined with splices. At the top of the ladder is an elevated 8-foot aluminum mesh net walkway system. For added stability and safety, it features a round aluminum knee rail system that is attached using self-tapping screws on every post. This system comes with various mounting configurations for both standing seam and membrane roof systems. 

RL34 External Roof
Access Ladder for
Roof Hatch Access

The RL34 Fixed Roof Access Ladder can be used for compliant roof hatch access and features aluminum extruded stiles that hold the serrated rungs in place. The ladder is supplied in kit form and requires the ladder base to be cut level with the base of the workstation. It comes with standard floor brackets, though other fixing brackets are available. The ladder is topped by aluminum retractable stiles that can be left in an open or closed position to suit your job site’s objectives.

Slanted Graphic_KATTCLIMB
Slanted Graphic_KATTCLIMB

RL35 Vertical Fixed Ladder with 3ft Walkway System

The RL35 Vertical Fixed Ladder assembles with a 3ft walkway platform at the ladder head. It arrives in kit form, with the ladder base designed to be cut to the appropriate platform level on-site. At the top of the ladder is a thick aluminum mesh platform with a ribbed finish. Optional self-closing platform gates may be included, and various platform mounting options are available.

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