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KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladders

FIXFAST USA’s KATTCLIMB® vertical fixed ladders are available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of demanding applications. These lightweight aluminum ladders feature high-tensile construction, natural corrosion resistance and robotic welding for superior performance. Plus, they deliver exceptional safety ratings and meet or exceed guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


Explore KATTCLIMB® Vertical Fixed Ladder Configurations

The RL30 series KATTCLIMB® fixed ladders feature modular construction for flexibility. Each includes 1 ¼-inch serrated rungs welded to the stiles and ladder bodies connected with splice joints. 

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graphic of an RL31 vertical fixed ladder with grab rails from FIXFAST USA

RL31 Vertical Fixed Ladder with Grab Rails

The versatile RL31 model with grab rails improves climbing comfort and confidence. Grab rails mount at the ladder’s head, and another rail bolts at the top to ensure more safety when exiting the ladder. Cut this unit to the exact size and assemble it on-site for a perfect fit.

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Vertical Fixed Ladder with Parapet Platform

RL32 Vertical Fixed Access Ladder with Parapet Platform

Our RL32 KATTCLIMB® configuration includes a Parapet platform. At the top, you’ll find a round knee rail constructed with the same high-tensile aluminum and mounted with screws. The mesh-style platform deck has a ribbed finish for enhanced safety.

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Fixed Ladder with Walkway Platform

RL33 Fixed Vertical Ladder with 8ft Walkway System

We’ve designed the RL33 fixed ladder with an 8-foot walkway at the ladder head for safer access. For extra safety and stability, mesh-style decking and round knee rails surround the platform. Attach knee rails to each post with self-tapping screws and choose from multiple mounting configurations.

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Internal Roof Access for Roof Hatch RL 34

RL34 Internal Roof Access Ladder for Roof Hatch Access

FIXFAST USA’s RL34 KATTCLIMB® ladder for roof hatch access is a compliant solution with extruded aluminum stiles. We deliver these as a kit, and you cut the ladder’s base to length on site. Mount it with standard floor brackets or choose another mounting style.

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graphic of an RL35 vertical fixed ladder from FIXFAST USA

RL35 Vertical Fixed Ladder with 3ft Walkway System

Our RL35 model has a 3-foot platform walkway featuring a sturdy aluminum mesh and ribbed finish. We supply it as a kit for on-site sizing and assembly. Customize this design with self-closing platform gates and multiple mounting styles.

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Find Your Ideal KATTCLIMB® Ladder at FIXFAST USA

We have a saying in the FIXFAST USA family — maximum safety with minimum fuss. We’ve lived up to that belief since 1975 with superior craftsmanship, enhanced security and unmatched customer service.

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