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Vertical Fixed Ladders

KATTCLIMB Modular Aluminum Fixed Ladders provide safe, secure and simple access to elevated areas.



Made of high tensile, lightweight aluminum, our KATTCLIMB vertical fixed ladders may be installed anywhere you need access from the ground to the roof, between lower and upper roof levels, or to internal mezzanines and platforms.

These ladders are ergonomically designed to provide user comfort as well as maximum safety. And as always, they are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and ANSI compliance as applicable.


Vertical Access Ladder With Grabrails

RL31 Standard Access Ladder With Grabrails

Vertical Access Ladder With Parapet Platform

RL32 Standard Access Ladder With Parapet Mount

Vertical Access Ladder with 8ft Walkway

RL33 Standard Access Ladder With Lead On Handrails

Vertical Fixed Ladder for Roof Hatch Access

RL34 Standard Fixed Ladder With Retractable Stiles

Application Based

KATTCLIMB vertical fixed ladders are available in a variety of kits to suit different applications. Various options are available for these modular, aluminum access ladder systems to ensure every need or safety standard can be met. Several options include self-closing gates, ladder safety systems or gates to prevent unauthorized access. We offer a variety of kits, including:

  • RL31 Vertical fixed ladder with grab rails
  • RL32 Vertical fixed ladder with parapet platform
  • RL33 Vertical fixed ladder with 8ft walkway system
  • RL34 Vertical fixed ladder for roof hatch access
  • RL35 Vertical fixed ladder with 3ft walkway system

There are various mounting options available for the vertical fixed ladders. Options include non-penetrating base plates, off-floor mount brackets and floor mount angles.

Standard Access Ladder With Grabrails

The non-penetrating base plates mean the roofing membrane below does not need to be penetrated, but the ladder can still rest on the roof surface for extra stability.

Modular Design and Installation Support

KATTCLIMB fixed ladders are manufactured in modular sections to ensure they suit any application. The KATTCLIMB fixed ladders are sold in kits, complete with the installation instructions, hardware, and the KATTKIT. The KATTKIT is provided at no charge and includes a wrench, nut setter, file and drill bit.

If there are installation questions or assistance needed, FIXFAST USA is ready to back you up. If you need further support, our Support Program is tiered to suit your needs.


We offer something most manufacturers cannot: on-site customization. The ladder kits we provide should be longer than you actually require, therefore the base of the ladder body is cut to the required height on-site.

The wall fixing brackets are not pre-welded to the ladder sections and may be located where required, providing ultimate flexibility.

No matter what your measurements, we have a ladder kit that will meet your specific requirements. If you need a 14-foot ladder with a walkway system – our 15’9” RL33.189 kit has the features you need and can be cut at the base to the required height.

Quick Shipping

Typically our modular ladder components are shipped flat packed. This reduces your shipping costs and allows for easier handling and transportation. The lightweight aluminum components make the product easier to handle and assemble upon delivery.

With all our modular sections in stock, the KATTCLIMB Ladders are typically dispatched within 1-2 days of order (or as required). Compare that to the 4 to 5 week lead time that is common with other manufacturers.

Maximum Safety. Minimum Fuss.

We’re dedicated to providing maximum safety with minimum fuss – it’s our job to make your job easier, and safer. We go above and beyond with customer service levels that set us apart. Contact us today for more information.