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On-Site Support Program

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KATTCARE™ Explained

KATTCARE™ On-Site is an all-encompassing system of care to ensure products are installed correctly and the installer and end user are left feeling confident. We have a team of trained technicians that are experienced in overseeing and ensuring systems are installed correctly as well as efficiently. This is a ‘support only’ program and is not a physical installation service.

Roof Guardrail Tropical

The benefits of kattcare™


We know the Law. We will ensure the system is installed correctly and in compliance with OSHA and FIXFAST USA requirements.


If products and systems are not installed correctly or per the installation guidelines, as an installer, you are liable. KATTCARE™ helps reduce liability overall.


We are the experts. Increase confidence when you can inform your client that there will be a trained manufacturer technician on-site during or at periods during the installation phase.

Download the KATTCARE™ Overview Sheet

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