KOMBI® Aluminum Stair & Access System

An Engineered, No Weld, Modular Stair and Platform System

KOMBI® systems are made of three primary modules, namely the support module, the platform module and the stair module. Each module is available in a variety of sizes which can then be adjusted. Designed for easy customization, on-site assembly and with re-usable components, KOMBI® saves design costs and reduces delivery lead times.

KOMBI® is the safest solution for access and fall protection whilst accessing and maintaining elevated systems and equipment.


Pre-Engineered, Modular Systems

  • KOMBI® systems are constructed using a standard range of components configured in different ways to suit application.
  • KOMBI® is set up as pre-configured systems supplied in kit form allowing shortened delivery times.
  • KOMBI® can also provide purpose built designs to suit specialist applications. This can be supplied in kit form or assembled if required.


Platform with Single Stair

  • Used for access to machinery and elevated equipment for inspection
  • Platform size and height is adjustable to suit specific site requirements
  • Stair adjustable to suit final platform height
  • Suited to free-standing construction where required

Crossover with Dual Stair

  • Used for access over ducts, conveyors and machinery
  • Stair heights are adjustable to suit specific bridge height
  • Bridge lengths in modules
  • Suited to free standing construction where required

Suspended Platform

  • Used for access in ceiling spaces or above heavy machinery for maintenance
  • All platform and supports are adjustable allowing on-site customization
  • Platform supports at approx. 6ft intervals depending on required loads and spans

Multi Stage Stairway

  • Used for access up to 20ft in height with change in direction platforms
  • Adjustable stair treads allows for flexibility of platform height to suit supporting structure
  • Suited to free-standing construction where requried

Purpose Built Platform Structures

  • Used for access to cooling towers, water tanks and machinery where platform is required to be custom built
  • KOMBI® facilitates on-site construction allowing site specific design flexibility and attachment structure
  • The KOMBI® high strength bracing system allows platforms to be free standing up to 20ft

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