KOMBI® Aluminum Stair & Access System

An Engineered, No Weld, Modular Stair and Platform System

KOMBI® systems are made of three primary modules, namely the support module, the platform module and the stair module. Each module is available in a variety of sizes which can then be adjusted. Designed for easy customization, on-site assembly and with re-usable components, KOMBI® saves design costs and reduces delivery lead times.

KOMBI® is the safest solution for access and fall protection whilst accessing and maintaining elevated systems and equipment.


Pre-Engineered, Modular Systems


Platform with Single Stair

Crossover with Dual Stair

Suspended Platform

customizable aluminum stair and access system from FIXFAST USA

Multi Stage Stairway

Purpose Built Platform Structures

aluminum access system from FIXFAST USA leading to a cooling tower

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