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Caged Ladders and Ladder Fall Arrest Systems

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Caged Ladder and Fall Arrest System on Pillar

Caged ladders and ladder fall arrest systems are a hot topic. In case you missed it, as of November 19th, 2018, cages are no longer considered compliant fall protection on newly installed fixed ladders that are 24ft in height or greater. To meet OSHA standards, a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety system is required. This does mean, however, that if you have a ladder that was installed with a cage before this date then you are okay to continue to use the cage until November 19th, 2036. At that time all ladders new and old will require a fall arrest system. Please remember that this is the minimum compliance. As a company, we would recommend installing a KATTCLIMB ladder fall arrest system prior to this date as it is proven as a safer solution.

Why the time gap? OSHA is giving general industry workplaces, including warehouses, utilities, retail and manufacturing, some time to transition. If you already have a cage attached to a fixed ladder, OSHA will accept its use for the next 19 years. Just be sure to keep the above dates in mind.

Our KATTCLIMB Ladder Fall Arrest System is the perfect solution to become compliant with this new OSHA standard. It can be used with our KATTCLIMB Ladders or can be easily retrofitted to existing fixed ladders. Interested in learning more about KATTCLIMB fixed ladders and/or how to best resolve your access issues? We’d love to talk through your needs and find the best solution. Contact us today!

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