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KATT Fixing Kit

Our goal is to make your lives easier. That is why we supply all KATT products with the necessary hardware to complete the assembly.  Wall attachment and mounting hardware is available upon request, but does not come standard with the KATT systems. With every KATT product shipment, we also supply

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Temporary Anchor Points

Temporary anchor points are vital products for making sure roofing contractors work in compliance with OSHA regulations. You may only be going onto the roof for a quick measure up or repair task,  but the risks can be even higher on those occasions. Because it is generally something you can do

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INSTALLATION VIDEO – XS Horizontal Lifeline System

Lifeline systems provide much-needed security, but ideally without impeding the user’s freedom of movement…and they need to be simple to install. The XS Anchor point is connected to the roof deck by either a toggle anchor or a mechanical anchor.  With a single penetration attachment, there is minimal damage to

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Meeting OSHA Regulations with SURROUND Roof Hatch Railing

Roof hatches provide convenient, reliable access to roof areas, but if left open they pose a potential fall hazard that can result in severe or fatal injuries. To improve safety concerning roof openings, OSHA created the 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.23, Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes. 

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Ladder Support Brackets for Portable Ladders

Among construction workers, an estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments (EDs) involve a ladder…and its a well-known fact that many falls from ladders occur when the top of the ladder slips. The KATT Ladder Support Brackets are designed to provide a secure attachment point for portable ladders

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STACCO Non-Penetrating Safety Railing

When it comes to simply making the rooftop safe, the STACCO non-penetrating guardrail system is tough to beat. In the July eNews we provided you a download – ‘5 Levels of Safety’ – which shows the different levels of rooftop safety available.  The top level – 5 Star Maximum Safety,

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FX Commercial Roof Anchor

The FX Commercial Roof anchor is intended for permanent applications only and is compatible for installation onto steel, wood and concrete substrates.  The 12″ height of the FX anchor allows it to be accessible both during and after roof construction. For 2 Star Safety, you can install a series of

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