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DukMat rooftop walkways now available for TPO roofs

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

DukMat rooftop walkway creates upsell opportunities for anyone installing flat roofs. DukMat provides a clearly designated non-slip walkway for maintenance of the roof and equipment. This walkway also protects the roof membrane from getting pierced or worn.

DukMat is very quick and easy to install. It is supplied on a roll 33’ long that can be simply rolled out across the roof. There is no fixing required as it is a loose lay product that has been tested to remain in place in hurricane force winds.

Check out the installation images on our website.

Up until recently, we have only been able to supply DukMat in PVC but we can now supply a TPO version which ensures we have a solution for all roof types.

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