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FIXFAST USA is still operational.

COVID-19 Action Plan

On March 25th, 2020 a stay at home order was executed by the Governor of Indiana. At the moment, our business operations have been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the fact that we supply safety systems to essential infrastructure development, we can continue to produce and ship product. A lot of our products and systems are going directly to food processing facilities, educational facility development, federal projects, and other essential infrastructure developments. However, we have made adjustments to our business that respect the stay at home order. Read FIXFASTUSA’s COVID-19 action plan here.

Schedule a meeting with a member of our team.

Virtual Professionals

We still want to be there for our customers during this time of social distancing in any way that we can. One of these ways is through our virtual meeting setup. You can book at 30-minute Zoom meeting with us to talk about anything from just simply talking, our COVID-19 action plan, or an upcoming project. We are committed to being your virtual professionals and continuing to supply you safety products and or education.

Learn more at our education center.

Continued Education

Recently we launched a revamped education section on our website. It’s important that we provide not only the most important safety products, but also the most complete continued education package. You’ll be able to learn more about some of the OSHA regulations that our products adhere to and why we do what we do. If there are things that you would like to see us add to our education center please let us know!

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