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INSTALLATION TIP – Mounting options for the KATT ladder system

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

We have put together a short video to demonstrate the 4 different mounting options on the KATT ladder system. 

When someone climbs a ladder the majority of the force is downwards, so wherever possible it makes sense to have the ladder feet on the deck. We have three options for floor mounting ladders and we can also supply in suspended/off-floor configuration too if required. Please read on for more information.

Floor mounted

 The floor mounted bracket set is used to fix the ladder feet to concrete deck and floor and metal roof panels.


Floor mounted – non-penetrating

For membrane roofs we recommend the ladder base plate which fixes to the bottom of the ladder feet and spreads the downward forces across a 24” square area.  This plate does not require fixing down so the membrane is not penetrated.

Another option for membrane roofs is the rubber base support.  The ladder feet sit into these rubber bases and prevent the ladder from damaging the membrane.


Off floor mounted

The market tradition is to have the ladder off-floor mounted so there is no contact between the ladder and the roof deck.  We can supply the KATT ladder system in this configuration too but would recommend you consider the other 3 options first because remember: When climbing a ladder, the majority of the force is downwards. So if you do off floor mounted it adds to the forces that want to pull on the wall brackets.

We trust you found this information useful and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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