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INSTALLATION VIDEO – XS Horizontal Lifeline System

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Lifeline systems provide much-needed security, but ideally without impeding the user’s freedom of movement…and they need to be simple to install.

The XS Anchor point is connected to the roof deck by either a toggle anchor or a mechanical anchor.  With a single penetration attachment, there is minimal damage to the roofing system. The anchorage point can be mounted directly onto the existing roof covering and can be fastened four to five times as fast as with conventional anchorage points.

Click here to view anchor points and lifelines

In the event of a fall protection accident, the energy of the fall will be absorbed by the integrated shock absorber. The residual impact is so slight that even steel deck or wooden roofs are not damaged and remain fully waterproof.

Once installed, the XTS linked system allows easy horizontal movement with a minimum of anchorage points. The user is connected to the system with the XTS-Slider runner, which is easy to attach to and operates very smoothly, passing brackets and corners easily.

Do you have any projects where you require a horizontal lifeline system?

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