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Introducing the KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Roof Hatch Hoist System

Fresh off the production line at FIXFAST USA is our KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System. This system works exclusively with our KATTGUARD™ Roof Hatch Guardrail System. Just like KATTGUARD™, the KATTHOIST™ system comes flat packed and its modular design allows for a quick installation.

The KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System is designed to be used in situations where 1 or 2 people will be accessing a roof for maintenance. Using the KATTHOIST™ ensures that there is a compliant solution for access to the roof. When you are climbing a ladder there should always be three points of contact maintained. It is extremely dangerous to climb a ladder whilst attempting to hold a tool or object of any kind. The KATTHOIST ™ allows for these items to be simply hoisted to the roof.

The KATTHOIST™ is constructed with high-strength aluminum and stainless-steel hardware making it perfect for exterior use. Once installed, the KATTHOIST™ Hoist Arm can be easily removed and stored as required. When there are multiple roof hatches, the KATTHOIST™ Hoist Arm can be placed into other KATTHOIST frames, eliminating the need to buy multiple KATTHOIST™ systems and saving you additional costs.

Read more about the product features of KATTHOIST™ and download technical information on the KATTHOIST™ product page.

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