Mobile fall protection carts

Last month we touched on temporary anchor points for those occasions when you are only accessing the roof for a quick measure up or repair job.  This month we are going to move to the next stage…

Mobile fall protections carts offer an increased freedom of movement while still being connected to an OSHA compliant personal fall arrest system.

Fall protection can be provided for up to 5 workers with the large mobile carts. The FRT1000 and the COBRA allow 3 workers in fall arrest mode and a further 2 workers in fall restraint. With large job storage box and flat platform, these carts become a mobile workstation.

The FRT2000 and COBRA II, can have up to two workers connected (1 worker fall arrest and 1 worker fall restraint), but it is more compact and can be transported around in the back of a pick-up truck or van.  The compact design means that these carts will fit into elevators and through doorways allowing for quick and easy project setups.

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