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All New Product Directory OUT NOW…

Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

The essential estimators’ directory for safe access products and fall protection systems for the rooftop environment is out now…

Our new all new February 2015 Product Directory contains 100 pages of products with one common goal – To ensure workers return to their families’ safe at night.

  • KATT CLIMB Modular fixed ladders
  • Temporary safety systems
  • Lifeline and anchor systems
  • Guardrail and walkway systems
  • Stairs, ramps and crossovers
  • Overhead fall arrest systems
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Hardware, tools and signage

To get your hands on your copy please fill in our request form

…and please forward this link to any of your colleagues that need a copy too.

P.S. You can get an idea of what the inside of the Product Directory looks like if you check out the article on Temporary Anchor Points.

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