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Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection

Ed Royer joined the FIXFAST USA team as a sales technician during February 2014.  His primary role is to visit and measure projects, carry out inspections and provide site support for our customers.  He visits projects in the early stages to investigate the requirements, take measurements and form a report in view of a solution being formed. Ed also provides support to customers during the installation phase to ensure that projects are completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner.

His hard work is already bringing in accolades…

“It is very rare to find a company that will provide quality on-site support, so Ed’s presence on this project made it possible for us to complete in a timely manner and satisfy the customer.”

“We were very impressed with Ed Royer on this project and look forward to working together in the future.”

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