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Derek Tokarz

Derek Tokarz

Certified in Safety Management Group's Training in Fall Protection


Reaching New Heights with Fixed Ladders

Starting in 2018 we set a goal for the company. However, it could not be any ordinary goal. It had to be big, hairy, and audacious. This is what we call a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal). The point of a BHAG is that it needs to be almost frightening to think about achieving or at least seen as something that is very far to reach. So, our BHAG is to sell enough KATTCLIMB Fixed Ladders that would get us into space. This means to break through the Karman Line at 62 miles from the surface of the Earth. Our progress with this goal is trackable live on our BHAG page.


We are extremely driven to succeed thanks to what our team stands for and the excellent partners that we work with. We recently have updated our ‘About Us’ page where you can get a deeper look into the messages we stand by and the team you communicate with. We are happy to have recently added to our team as we continue to go for growth in 2021 and reach new heights. No challenge is too big when working with or working at FIXFAST USA.

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