When it comes to fall safety, taking precautions and understanding regulations can keep everyone on the job site safe. At FIXFAST USA, we understand the role education plays in fall prevention. That’s why we develop programs to help workers stay aware of hazards. With continuous training and premium fall safety equipment, you can improve your productivity while protecting others. 

Our mission is to provide safe conditions for workers at elevated heights. With our programs, workers everywhere can take the necessary precautions to guard themselves against falls on the job. Learn more about how our current programs will benefit your team. 


High Five™ is a five-step program that helps you discover problem areas on your job site. Our plan walks you through your job site so you can find unsafe areas and prevent accidents. We want to make sure that everyone makes it home, and installing fall prevention is the first step.

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KATTCARE™ is an all-encompassing system of care to ensure products are installed correctly and the installer and end-user are left feeling confident. We have a team of trained technicians that are experienced in ensuring systems are installed correctly as well as efficiently.

Education Prevents FAlls

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. OSHA also states that many of these falls are preventable. As an employer, there are some important considerations to take when planning a job and determining project goals. 

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • What work needs to be done?
  • How will we accomplish that work?
  • Where are the potential hazards located?

Employers must provide fall protection systems and keep their employees safe. FIXFAST USA programs simplify your search for hazards and give you the tools you need to help your employees. With our programs and products, you will have both the tools and information you need to protect your team on every job site.

FIXFAST USA began in 1975 as a family-owned business dedicated to protecting workers from fall dangers. Over 40 years later, family is still the centerpiece for all that we do. With today’s technology and safety requirements, we provide the most trusted access and fall protection solutions. 

We do more than provide equipment — we educate workers and encourage them to protect themselves. Our programs are part of our educational outreach. With proper training and quality fall protection equipment, every worker can go to the job site confident that they will make it home. 

Browse our complete inventory of fall safety and access solutions. To learn more about our available options, contact us online for a free quote or to speak with one of our experts. Together, we can find the perfect system for your job site and workers.

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