KATTSAFE® Roof Guardrail Systems


Modular Aluminum Roof Guardrail Systems

KATTSAFE® Aluminum Roof Guardrail systems provide maximum safety with minimum fuss. These passive systems provide continuous fall protection. Read more on our aluminum roof guardrail systems and request your quote today.

Internal Wall Mount Guardrail System

Metal Roof Mount Guardrail System

External Wall Mount Guardrail System

Non-Penetrating Guardrail System

Surface Mount Guardrail Systems

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Warning Line Systems

The KATTSAFE® Promise

Modular System

KATTSAFE® modular guardrail components are fabricated in modular sections. This allows for construction of endless guardrail configurations to suit specific site requirements. Components are robotically welded for a precision perfect finish.

Minimum Lead Time

KATTSAFE® modular components are kept in stock, ready to ship. The components for your guardrail kits are packaged together, and can typically be dispatched within 1-2 days or as required.

Easy Delivery

The lightweight components are delivered as a flatpack kit, which ensures easier handling and significant savings on freight costs. Depending on the size of the guardrail system, the components can be possibly man handled to the required location or crane lifted once at destination.

On-Site Assembly

Each guardrail system is supplied with the necessary hardware for assembly. Wall attachment is also typically included for wall mounted systems. On-site customization can be achieved by simply cutting the aluminum in the field to meet your projects requirements.


Continuous top and mid rail design results in clean aesthetics. KATTSAFE® Guardrail Systems typically blend in with the building and can be custom colored if requested.

OSHA Compliant

KATTSAFE® products and systems are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI regulations as applicable.