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Roof Guardrail Systems

KATTGUARDAluminum Roof Guardrail systems provide maximum safety solutions with minimum fuss. These passive systems provide continuous fall protection. Read more on our aluminum roof guardrail systems and request your quote today.

KATTGUARD™ Modular Aluminum Roof Safety Guardrail Systems

When it comes to preventing falls, guardrails are the bread and butter of open rooftops. They’re an essential component for any permanent roof that has potential fall hazards and are often the last line of defense. That means they must be structurally sound and dependable. For that reason, we only use strong materials and reliable mounting mechanisms designed for the task. We’ve also made sure they’re easy to set up with lightweight construction and modular designs to suit any size or shape of roof.

Guardrails can come in various configurations and styles, and they may include additional components like walkways, toe-boards, mats and warning systems. Most models are available in a mill finish and safety yellow along with custom colors.

The KATTGUARD™ roof guardrail systems include the internal and external roof mount guardrail as well as metal, surface mount and non-penetrating guardrails. As the names imply, internal and external models work on either side of the roof, while metal guardrails are designed to attach to metal roofs. Non-penetrating guardrails offer a free-standing solution that is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Finally, surface mount guardrails provide stability for sloped rooftops, high winds, ice and snow.

Other fall protection products that can help you create a comprehensive roof safety solution include:

  • Walkway systems: Sleek aluminum finishes pair well with just about any rooftop, and these walkway systems provide a convenient pathway for workers to use to cross a roof. KATTGUARD® guardrails work well on either side of a walkway. They also come with a bar for added stability during use.
  • DukMat™ walkways: DukMat™ adds safety to walkway systems with its high-grip surface that helps prevent falls and slips. You can trust it to stand up to strong weather with UV resistance, a drainage grid and stability in winds up to 60 miles per hour. It also keeps the roof membrane protected from foot traffic.
  • Warning line systems: Bright yellow posts provide a highly visible alert for low-traffic and low-risk areas that still contain a fall hazard. These systems are a great way to reduce costs but provide necessary safety where appropriate. You can also combine them with KATTGUARD™ guardrails for fully compliant rooftops.

Whatever your rooftop calls for, KATTGUARD™ systems only use reliable materials and tried-and-true construction practices. That’s what makes FIXFAST USA a trusted supplier of rooftop safety tools.


GR31 Internal Wall Mount Guardrail System

GR32 Metal Roof Mount Guardrail System

GR33 External Wall Mount Guardrail System

GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail System

GR36 Surface Mount Guardrail System

Warning Line Systems

KATTGUARD™ Roof Hatch Guardrail Systems

KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist Systems

KATTHATCH™ Roof Hatch Systems

The KATTGUARD™ Promise

Modular System

KATTGUARD™ modular guardrail components use a section-based design that offers endless guardrail configurations to fit your site requirements. Robotic welding connects components for a precise finish.

Minimum Lead Time

We keep KATTGUARD™ components in stock and ready to ship for quick turnarounds. Guardrail kit components are packaged together and often get dispatched within 1-2 days.

Easy Delivery

These lightweight aluminum components come in a flatpack kit, so they’re easier to handle and offer big savings for freight costs. For some guardrail systems, the parts can simply be carried to the location or crane-lifted at the destination.


Continuous top and mid-rail designs provide clean aesthetics. KATTGUARD™ Guardrail Systems often blend in with the building and can be produced in custom colors.

OSHA Compliant Rooftop Guardrail

All KATTGUARD™ products and systems are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations as applicable. This includes our OSHA complaint rooftop guardrail systems. 

OSHA Standards and Requirements for Roof Guardrail Systems

OSHA patterns many of its guardrail system regulations around construction or general industry applications. In these applications, the standards apply to locations with limited access to the general public, as they offer fall protection to workers permitted inside a specific area. Some of the primary regulations include:

  • Load requirements: OSHA standard 1926.502(b)(3) states that roof guardrail systems must pass a 200-pound concentrated load test applied within 2 inches of the top edge in any downward or outward direction. OSHA specifically designed this load test to stop a single employee from a potentially fatal fall.
  • Height requirements: OSHA standard 1926.502(b)(1) states the top rail height should be 42 inches — plus or minus 3 inches — above the walking or working level. If workers require stilts, the top edge height may be higher to accommodate the stilt height.
  • Opening limitations: OSHA standard 1910.29(b)(2) requires the installation of a mid rail, a screen, mesh, intermediate vertical components or equivalent structural members between the top edge of the system and the walking surface at least 21 inches high. Midrails must be at a height halfway between the top of the rail and the walking surface.
  • Surface requirements: OSHA standard 1926.502(b)(6) requires that guardrail components have smooth surfaces to prevent snagging of clothing and injuries from lacerations and punctures.
  • Thickness requirements: OSHA standard 1926.502(b)(9) states that top rails and mid rails must have a thickness or nominal diameter of at least ¼ of an inch to prevent lacerations and cuts.

For roofs requiring a non-penetrating fall solution that meets OSHA requirements, FIXFAST USA’s G34 guardrail system offers the highest levels of passive safety. This system features a weighted base that sits on the roof membrane to produce a secure, freestanding safety guardrail solution.

Helping You Stay OSHA and ANSI Compliant

FIXFAST USA strives to help workers stay safe from fall hazards by supplying the industry’s top solutions. Our professional staff can help you choose the best fall protection to fit your needs, including guardrails and other OSHA-compliant fall prevention systems. We offer several programs that promote workplace and equipment safety, including:

  • High Five™: High Five is a five-stage program that helps you recognize potential hazard areas at your work site while taking a proactive approach to accident prevention.
  • KATTCARE™: KATTCARE is an on-site program that supports your team by guiding proper product installation and functionality. 

Your Partner in Safety

At FIXFAST USA, safety comes first. We’ve been building solutions since the 1970s to make sure that people who go on the roof stay on the roof. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in delivering safety to each of our customers. We go above and beyond every time and aim to bring more roof safety to the table with less fuss. Our representatives can help you with every step of the process.

Our roof guardrail systems use materials and components designed for the specific type of roof you’re working with. Whether you need rails for a roof that’s sloped or flat, one that has an interior or exterior wall or one that can’t be penetrated by hardware, we have a solution for you. To learn more about KATTGUARD™ roof guardrail systems, explore the links above. You can also reach out to us online or call at 888-637-7872 to talk to a knowledgeable associate.

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