KATTGUARD™ GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail

The KATTGUARD GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail system provides the highest level of passive safety for membrane and built up roof systems. The KATTGUARD GR34 guardrail features a plastic coated steel weighted base that sits on top of the roofing membrane resulting in a completely freestanding system that is OSHA compliant. KATTGUARD GR34 bases and posts are positioned a maximum 10ft on center. This system is sold in kit form to ensure all components are included for seamless installation.

Roof guardrail systems can be purchased by simply selecting the kit length(s) required, the number of corner kits, return kits, wall termination kits and ladder connection kits. KATTGUARD GR34 guardrail is simple and quick to install. This system can be easily customized on-site to suit specific site requirements.

Provide Passive Fall Protection with KATTGUARD™ GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail


When it comes to open rooftops, there’s no better way to ensure safety than with a trusted KATTGUARD guardrail system. The KATTGUARD modular aluminum guardrail system is an industry leader in fall protection on dangerous work sites. Its clean aesthetic appeal and modular nature allow for endless configurations. With KATTGUARD guardrails, you can ensure maximum safety and stability with a robotically welded rail system that can endure any weather. All KATTGUARD systems and products exceed ANSI and OSHA regulations to give you maximum protection.

Every KATTGUARD guardrail system comes in a flatpack kit for easy handling and affordable delivery. The lightweight components are simple to install on-site and each guardrail system comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. If desired, we can send wall attachment hardware with your KATTGUARD system, and the lightweight nature of each component means it can be easily cut to size on your build site. 

The elements of the KATTGUARD Promise demonstrate a dedication to workplace safety and product quality:

  • OSHA compliance: Every KATTGUARD product is completely OSHA and ANSI compliant.
  • Easy delivery: All KATTGUARD products come in a lightweight flatpack kit that’s easy to install on-site. 
  • On-site assembly: The flatpack KATTGUARD kit contains all of the components necessary to assemble and secure your guardrail.
  • Minimum lead time: When you’re in a rush, we can supply you with a KATTGUARD kit within only one to two days
  • Modular system: The KATTGUARD kit can be customized to fit your specifications, with the aluminum rails ready to be cut.
  • Appearance: The KATTGUARD system collection comes in sleek aluminum and can be produced in custom colors to complement your installation area. 

The KATTGUARD GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail

The KATTGUARD GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail consists of a plastic-coated steel weighted base that allows for a fully free-standing guardrail system. It is made of high-tensile-strength 6106-T6 aluminum with a mill finish and its end caps are made from die-cast aluminum. The 96-pound steel plate with plastic coating is durable and secure enough to weather any meteorological event. You can raise the rails to a maximum height of 42″ plus or minus 3″ taller than the walking surface.

Each KATTGUARD GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail kit comes with:

  • KATTGUARD GR34 Handrail Brace
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Knee Rail End Cap
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Handrail End Cap
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Handrail
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Knee Rail
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Adjustable Handrail Elbow
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Adjustable Knee Rail Elbow
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Top Mount Guardrail Post
  • KATTGUARD GR34 Freestanding Weighted Base


Every KATTGUARD GR34 comes with a 10-year product warranty as long as the product is correctly installed in alignment with the manufacturer’s specifications. The steel base of the KATTGUARD GR34 Non-Penetrating Guardrail comes with a two-year product warranty. 

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At FIXFAST USA, we’ve guaranteed our customers maximum safety and minimum fuss for more than 40 years. As a family-owned business, we understand how important safety is, and we go above and beyond to protect you and your workers on the job site. We carry only the most trusted OSHA-compliant fall protection solutions, and our helpful support team is ready to provide you with lightning-fast responsive quoting. 

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