KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Aluminum Guardrail.

The KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Aluminum Guardrail is designed for flat roof applications where an alternative to weighted bases is needed and sloped roof applications where higher wind loads, ice build-up, and snow loads are typical. The KATTGUARD™ GR36 system is fastened down with the KATTPOINT™ Anchor System. The KATTPOINT™ Anchor is supplied with the project-specific roof membrane pre-attached to ensure a waterproof connection and maintain the warranty. The KATTPOINT’s are approved by all major membrane manufacturers. This system can be easily customized on-site to suit specific site requirements.


  • KATTPOINT™ plates are approved by major membrane manufacturers to uphold your roof warranty
  • Eliminates the cost of steel
  • Fastening into the roof deck provides the most sturdy guardrail system on the market
  • A unique, customizable system


Provide Passive Fall Protection with KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Guardrail.

KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Installation.


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