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KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Aluminum Guardrail.

The KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Aluminum Guardrail is designed for flat roof applications where an alternative to weighted bases is needed and sloped roof projects and applications where higher wind loads, ice buildup, and snow loads are typical. The KATTGUARD™ GR36 system is fastened down with the KATTPOINT™ Anchor System, anchored by Anchor Products. The KATTPOINT™ Anchor, anchored by Anchor Products,  is supplied with the project-specific roof membrane pre-attached to ensure a waterproof connection and maintain the warranty. The KATTPOINT’s, anchored by Anchor Products, are approved by all major membrane manufacturers. This system can be easily customized to suit specific site requirements.


  • KATTPOINT™ plates, anchored by Anchor Products, are approved by major membrane manufacturers to uphold your roof warranty
  • Eliminates the cost of steel
  • Fastening into the roof deck provides the most sturdy guardrail system on the market
  • A unique, customizable system


The KATTGUARD™ System.

Working on rooftops is a dangerous endeavor that requires maximum safety. Thankfully, KATTGUARD provides complete modular aluminum guardrail systems that provide passive fall protection and help your business stay OSHA compliant. The KATTGUARD aluminum guardrail system has a clean aesthetic appeal and can be easily customized by color, size and length. KATTGUARD systems are manufactured of high-strength aluminum so they’re able to weather the elements, and GR36 Surface Mount Roof Safety Rails are specifically designed for difficult environments that encounter severe snow, ice and wind. 

For easy delivery and installation, the KATTGUARD guardrail system comes in a flatpack kit that allows for fast shipping. Each KATTGUARD guardrail system is complete with all of the components necessary for installation, and the lightweight aluminum pieces are easy to cut on-site. Each aluminum component is robotically welded to give you excellent durability and the perfect protective finish. You can customize kits to include wall attachment hardware for your guardrail system if desired. 

The KATTGUARD Promise highlights KATTGUARD’s commitment to quality and safety, as evidenced by this product’s: 

  • Modular system: Each KATTGUARD kit can be customized for color, size and fit. 
  • Appearance: The sleek aluminum of KATTGUARD rails can be made in custom colors that match your building’s façade.
  • Minimum lead time: With FIXFAST USA’s tight turnaround times, you can receive your system in just a few business days.
  • Easy delivery: The lightweight aluminum nature of KATTGUARD makes it easy to ship and handle so you can put it to use as soon as possible.

Provide Passive Fall Protection with KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Guardrail.

The KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Guardrail System.

The KATTGUARD GR36 Surface Mount Roof Aluminum Guardrail uses unique KATTPOINT double stud plates, anchored by Anchor Products, to securely mount the guardrail hardware to the roof substrate. With a hold this tight, the KATTGUARD GR36 is prepared for the harshest snow, sleet, rain or wind. 

The GR36 is made from 6106-T6 quality aluminum with self-tapping screws and stainless steel hardware. This KATTGUARD safety rail is highly customizable and comes in a modular system that accommodates infinite configurations. Ensure the safety of your roof and protect your workers with a KATTGUARD GR36 system tailored to your needs. 

The KATTGUARD GR36 comes with a 5-year warranty as long as the product is installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. 

KATTGUARD™ GR36 Surface Mount Assembly.

Trust the FIXFAST USA Family for Your Safety Needs.

As a family-owned business operating for more than 40 years, FIXFAST USA understands the importance of keeping you and your workers safe. We’ve been going above and beyond to guarantee you maximum safety and minimum fuss so you can be confident when you’re on your job site. FIXFAST USA carries only the most trusted safety solutions and is proud to provide you with the KATTGUARD family of products.

Our customer service team is ready to help you find the right product for your project and get you a lightning-fast quote. To learn more about FIXFAST USA’s safety equipment and the KATTGUARD line, contact us online today.


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