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KATTGUARD™ Roof Hatch & Roof Hatch Guardrail Systems

FIXFAST USA roof hatch guardrail system

Provide Convenient and Reliable Rooftop Access

Roof hatches allow access to the roof of a building so workers can perform maintenance or replace equipment. A roof hatch often consists of a heavy-duty cover and a locking mechanism, as well as gaskets and insulation. Roof hatch covers are commonly made of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel, or other weather-resistant materials. 

A roof hatch guardrail is a complete railing system containing a self-closing safety gate with integrated grab bars. The guardrail system is designed specifically for roof hatch openings. It is a permanent fixture that provides protection along the hatch perimeter to prevent falls and serves as a support for the person exiting and entering the hatch to grab onto.

At FIXFAST USA, we offer several solutions to all your roof hatch and roof hatch guardrail needs. Our KATTHATCH™ and KATTGUARD™ products offer the complete package to provide means of safe, reliable access to rooftop areas. These products also afford adequate fall protection at the access point. We offer three different products in these lines.

KATTHATCH™ Roof Access Hatch

The KATTHATCH™ Roof Hatch Access Door provides convenient, cost-efficient rooftop access, allowing for ladder and stair access to the roof from the interior of the building. Roof Hatch Access Doors are designed and engineered for use over roof openings and are secured from the base flange to the roof for superior durability, safety and ease of installation. All of the door assemblies include a cover, a cover liner, curbing and counter flashing. We offer four sizes:

  1. 30 inches x 60 inches
  2. 30 inches x 54 inches
  3. 30 inches x 96 inches
  4. 36 inches x 36 inches


The KATTHATCH™ roof access hatch offers the following features:

  • Durable construction
  • Galvanized 14 gauge steel cover and curb
  • Cover and curb with full insulation
  • Locking feature for added security 
  • Full 90-degree opening
  • High load capacity up to 70psf
  • Heavy-duty torsion coil spring for easy open and close
  • Pre-drilled holes for simple install of the KATTGUARD™ 
  • Five-year warranty

KATTGUARD™ Aluminum Roof Hatch Guardrail System

The KATTGUARD™ Aluminum Roof Hatch Guardrail System meets all OSHA requirements for safe entry through rooftop openings. This fixed railing system provides permanent fall protection for hatch openings. Available in multiple sizes, KATTGUARD™ can fit most existing hatches or can be easily installed on our KATTHATCH™ Roof Hatch. The innovative clamping system eliminates the need to drill holes into the hatch or roof surface, jeopardizing the roof warranty. This system installs in minutes with basic tools and does not require special training or certification for proper installation.

As the KATTGUARD™ roof hatch guardrail is made with durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, these installations can survive harsh weather conditions to provide a reliable source of fall protection. The generous 27.5-inch gate allows easy access to the roof hatch while also minimizing the chance of careless incidents thanks to an integrated self-closing feature. The unit includes sturdy grabrails plus handrail and kneerail tubes on the exterior cage. 

Additional specifications include:

  • Permanent fall protection system goes up in minutes
  • Meets OSHA requirements for rooftop openings 
  • Can attach to any size roof hatch
  • No roof penetration — protects roof warranty
  • 5-year warranty

KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System

The KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System provides a safe, easy method to lift items up to the rooftop. This system simply, quickly and securely connects to the KATTGUARD™ Roof Hatch Guardrail system allowing the contractor or maintenance technician to safely lift items such as small tools, compressors and other equipment to the roof through the hatch. Aluminum construction and powder-coated finish allow for installation by one person and results in long-term, low maintenance performance. 

Critical hardware components are manufactured of stainless steel to ensure protection against the elements. For aesthetic purposes, the top section of the KATTHOIST™ dismounts when not in use. A cargo net is also available to lift small tools. 

Improve Roof Hatch Safety With FIXFAST USA

Regardless of your needs, FIXFAST USA ensures you meet applicable requirements with a variety of custom solutions. With the right type of support equipment, a roof hatch can be fully compliant with work site regulations while staying in line with building codes. 

At FIXFAST USA, we’re all about providing maximum safety with minimum fuss, and we don’t reach for OSHA compliance — we start there. Our roof access fall protection and support systems will keep workers at their safest and most productive. Contact our team today for more information!

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