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KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist System

The KATTHOIST™ Roof Hatch Hoist system provides a safe, easy method to lift items up to the rooftop. This system simply, quickly, and securely connects to the KATTGUARD™ Roof Hatch Guardrail system allowing the contractor or maintenance technician to safely lift items such as small tools, compressors, and other equipment to the roof through the hatch. Aluminum construction and powder-coated finish allows for installation by one person and results in long term, low maintenance performance. Critical hardware components are manufactured of stainless steel to ensure protection against the elements. For aesthetic purposes, the top section of the KATTHOIST™ can be easily dismounted when not in use.

A cargo net is also available to lift small tools.

Lifting Capacity – 100lbs


Provide a Safe, Easy Method to Lift Items up to the Rooftop

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