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KATTHATCH™ Roof Access Hatch

Any time rooftop work is involved in construction, the chances of serious accidents or deaths increase. It can be easy to slip and fall, especially with hazards like unfavorable weather or wind. Even when the conditions are suitable for rooftop work, though, there are still dangers due to the elevation and roofing materials, plus gaps, edges and slopes on the roof. To eliminate these hazards and create a safe, compliant work environment, construction sites should have commercial rooftop access systems in place. 

Convenient, Cost-Efficient Rooftop Access

The KATTHATCH Roof Hatch Access Door provides convenient, cost-efficient rooftop access, allowing for ladder and stair access to the roof from the interior of the building.

Roof Hatch Access Doors are designed and engineered for use over roof openings and are secured from the base flange to the roof for superior durability, safety and ease of installation.

Prevent Falls and Serious Injuries With the KATTHATCH Roof Hatch Access Door

The KATTHATCH Roof Access Hatch provides workers with safe, secure entry to rooftops. With a galvanized 14-gauge steel cover and curb, this durable hatch can outlast the roof’s life span while saving you money. It features a fully insulated cover and curb and has a high load capacity of up to 70 psf. Securing right to the roof from the base flange, this hatch has a connection you can depend on.

In addition to their durability and high load capacity, these rooftop safety access systems are both convenient and cost-effective. Your workers can easily use ladders and stairs to get to the roof from the building’s interior. With the full 90-degree opening and heavy-duty torsion spring, opening and closing the access system is quick and convenient. 

Thanks to the hatch’s pre-drilled holes, you can complete the installation process in no time. Once your hatch is installed, you can experience peace of mind knowing your worksite is protected even when you are away thanks to its locking feature. 

Protect Your Worksite With OSHA Compliant Roof Access Systems

This roof access hatch is built to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. With whichever size hatch you install, you can feel confident knowing your system is compliant and provides safe entry through your rooftop openings. 

Experience the Benefits of Getting a Roof Access Hatch From FIXFAST USA

Purchasing a KATTGUARD™ roof access system from FIXFAST USA means you’ll have access to some of the most trusted fall protection solutions available.

With our first-class customer service, you can trust we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your needs are met and you are satisfied with your commercial rooftop access system. 

Ready to Get Started? Request a Quote Today

Here at FIXFAST USA, we’ve been delivering trusted access and fall protection solutions since 1975. Whatever your needs or worksite specifications are, you can trust we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you receive the roof access systems you need. Our family-owned business offers an array of products designed specifically for rooftop applications, like our KATTHATCH Roof Hatch Access Door. Equipped with the structures your job site needs, you can deliver maximum safety with minimum fuss. 

FIXFAST USA helps keep your workers safe from rooftop fall hazards. Interested in learning more about our rooftop safety access systemsRequest a quote today to start.

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